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Maps that are causing problems

MrCoala, 11th Aug 2015, 12:22pm
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30th Aug 2015, 1:24pmAug 30 2015
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Map: kzya_lost
Map played: 1.000000 seconds
Mod_NumForName: models/kz_lost/fish01.mdl not found

FIX ty =)
30th Aug 2015, 11:11amAug 30 2015
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crashes client [no error] fix Mr.Demon ty
24th Aug 2015, 10:08amAug 24 2015
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it is now fixed, stupid old map, spaces in filenames just dont work, so made a slight edit in the file, and voila back in action!

edit: fixed another map today.. kz_delux_ice. bsp file was corrupt, and important map content was missing, replaced bsp on both server and fastdl (script only checks for already existing files)

Edited,25th Aug 2015, 1:05pm
21st Aug 2015, 1:25pmAug 21 2015
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n00b_climb2_r wouldn't load for neither Borowik or me.
12th Aug 2015, 4:30pmAug 12 2015
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should be sorted now, just delete the map from ur computer and redownload, then you should be all good.

if it happens again with another map, post again, thx.

EDIT: ok i have a request. anyone who has, from cs, a sound called: ob_vent03.wav for the map kz_kzfr_haunted, please upload and link so we can get it on the server!

Edited,14th Aug 2015, 4:55pm
12th Aug 2015, 1:32pmAug 12 2015
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kz_icemountain crashes my game. Dunno if it's only on my computer.
11th Aug 2015, 12:22pmAug 11 2015
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Here is the list of maps that are causing problems and need to get fixed:

Map: nobkz_bhop
Mod_NumForName: sprites/laoslyxid/lgtning.spr not found
Map: kzex_lost
Mod_NumForName: models/unbreaks/prop_rimpalm1b.mdl not found

Map: notkz_bhop_airstrip
Mod_NumForName: models/raver/kz_bhop_airstrip/raver_grass1.mdl not found

Map: kz_xj_climbtrip
Host_Error: ED_LoadFromFile: found origin when expecting {

Edited,11th Aug 2015, 4:32pm