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Map suggestions

S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen, 14th Feb 2019, 5:52pm
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14th Apr 2019, 7:15pmApr 14 2019
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Maybe mention this thread to Cookies or one of the other cores in the discord. Maybe #suggestions.
9th Apr 2019, 3:52pmApr 09 2019
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Any info? Will my suggested maps be added in the future or not? Would be nice to know. This waiting for an answer that might never come kills me....
15th Feb 2019, 6:23pmFeb 15 2019
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Oh, Ok here they are:

1) Killville: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=254467726
2) Pietsmiet villa: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1419708689&searchtext=
3) Grove Street: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=867635838
4) Richland: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=108034193

There are also some medieval maps with nice castles and wild west maps here: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=858227029

15th Feb 2019, 1:23pmFeb 15 2019
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Peter, just put the links of the new maps you suggested in a new reply here.
14th Feb 2019, 7:29pmFeb 14 2019
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When suggesting maps for the server,you should include the map link.

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14th Feb 2019, 5:52pmFeb 14 2019
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I would like to recommend some maps that I played/tested out in single player: 1)ttt_killville: Its a medium sized map with industrial areas and lots of ladders and some high rooftops. Both rooftops are accessible either by lift or a ladder. There are some good VIP places as well. 2) ttt_pietsmiet_villa: It is a multi-storied house with a garden, several trees and recreation areas. The rooftop has a ladder access on the side, which is a bit tricky to see and access, but manageable even by a default player. The entire place is hanging in the air, much like ttt_heaven and it's easy to fall off if you are running around aimlessly, but the fun playing this map greatly outshines this danger. Besides if someone is not paying attention to the map then what is he/she doing playing PBear? Right? 3)Groove Street: I think it doesn't need much introduction. Anyone who was alive and in his teens or twenties in 2005, when GTA: San Andreas came out knows this map. Well I'm kind of old :) (soon 33 years old), so those who missed out on GTA back then needs a bit of an introduction. So the map is a suburb ghetto with some dilapidated houses. The map is medium sized. It consist of a big round courtyard at he end of a sack street. The houses are built around it. The other end of the street with the under bridge area is cordoned off with police cars and barricades. The other side facing the bridge has a flat roof with a helicopter. The helicopter can be used to access all rooftops as it completes a full circle when activated by a "button" on the front right side of the helicopter. The "button" for lack of a better word is not visible per se, so people need to be told about it if they don't already know about it or they don't figure it out themselves. 4) ttt_richland: A big-ish map with two multi-storied house with roof access. A playground. An almost fully empty pool. A smaller house with flat roof. A "shed". A big tree with a ladder and a balcony. A big rock in one of the corner. The map has weapons on it, so those need to be disabled. Otherwise it's totally playable and fun. Ok that's it for now.

Yeah one more thing. I noticed that players mostly choose old maps even though you add new maps now and then. So my advice would be that every now and then when it's map choosing time, make every 8 choose-able map a new map instead of an old one. That ensures that we have the chance to actually play on new maps. Otherwise it's pointless to add them because of the current sentiment. Everyone chooses parallax, phantasmagoria, water world or some awful map instead of new ones, so we stuck on a never ending cycle of boredom on some days. It's hard to not rage-quit when a bunch of 10 year olds chose parallax for the 10th time in one day.

Thanks for reading.