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Easy way to mute the pedobear Music

17th Mar 2019, 8:27am . 22
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Head Administrator
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17th Mar 2019, 8:50amMar 17 2019
Yeah I like this idea a lot, to be honest sometimes I find the music annoying. But I have noticed that when I use the 'stop sound' command it stops the voice chat as well. I would like something that is consistent, lasts longer than a few minutes and wouldn't mute the voice channel. :)

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17th Mar 2019, 8:44amMar 17 2019
@Vlad-Undying yeah and it's pretty useful to unmute/mute whenever we want than type "stopsound" in the console every rounds ;D

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17th Mar 2019, 8:30amMar 17 2019
I agree with you because there is copyright on music and YouTubers would like that

Hello there!

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17th Mar 2019, 8:27amMar 17 2019
It would be cool if there is a button in the tab for mute the pedobear music in the backround
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