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Deathrun and PBear "ghost mod" Suggestion

✫SilverMonster✫, 21st Nov 2017, 11:34am
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26th Nov 2017, 3:48pmNov 26 2017
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ghostmode is a really hard to make, the ghostmode we have on DR is broken too, we first need to fix that before having the same on ****
21st Nov 2017, 11:34amNov 21 2017
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I've been thinking for a while, and thought that 'ghost mode' would be something pretty cool in deathrun and **** as well.

Ghost mode basically It works as an amusement if you're bored while you're dead, and lets you respawn as a ghost, the ghost mode doesn't change anything, the players that are alive can't see you, yet the other ghosts can.
When you die, simply type /ghost in chat.

Things you can do with ghost mode:
- Use E to noclip, simply holding the E key.
- Press T to turn double speed on, if you want normal speed press it again.
-Be teleport to any player in the tab
-Can walk,run,jump...without the noclip

Things you can't do with ghost mode:
- You can't kill the T.
- You can't press buttons.
- You can't pick up guns.
- You can't interact with anything.

I can imagine how people would enjoy the server better with ghostmode.
But other than that, some of the maps are pretty hard for some people and most end up dying in the first traps or kill in **** and it would be nice by starting to get to know the map first.

Thanks for Reading,
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