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TheLazyScrub **** Application

-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/, 18th Feb 2020, 8:54pm
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22nd Feb 2020, 1:36amFeb 22 2020
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The ban you received on Discord will not affect the final vote on this application, as it was unfitting for the situation, however for the minor violations that did happen, you'll be supervised more strictly for the time being.

Your application scored all +1 and so is accepted. - Don't blow your chance.
With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and all be banned.
I call that, mercy...
Coco OwO
21st Feb 2020, 3:27pmFeb 21 2020
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Hello Lazy, other staff said more than i should and i don't have anything to say more so i'm going to give you a +1 and i'm sure you'll be a great asset to the team. Good luck

20th Feb 2020, 9:49pmFeb 20 2020
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Hey lazy, glad to see that you've applied again.
There are basically no flaws in regards to your scenarios just as my other staff mates have also mentioned. That alone and the fact that you have previous moderating and administrating experiences, propel me to blindly say that you would make an amazing moderator in our staff team. An easy +1, good luck ^^

Edited,20th Feb 2020, 10:23pm
19th Feb 2020, 7:19pmFeb 19 2020
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Hello Lazy!

Dankyy and Madman have already pointed out everything, so I don't think I need to add anything else here.
There are some minor things in your application I'd change but nothing to seriously worry about, since I can see you know what you're doing and, despite those minor things, it seems really good to me overall. You have experience with being staff and I'm sure you'll do a great job as one again!

You'll definitely get a +1 from me!
Good luck!


Edited,19th Feb 2020, 7:20pm
Deadly snacc
19th Feb 2020, 12:41pmFeb 19 2020
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Hello TheLazyScrub, thankyou for re-applying.

I have read through the application and did not see any mistakes that should be concerning towards me. So no need to go in on it. You still remember a lot from your previous experiences as staff, which is a very good thing, but be careful during the long run since some things have changed. I hope to see you back in the staff chat soon and best of luck, since the others still have to state their opinion. Sorry for the short reply, I currently am on a bit of a tight schedule.

Leaving this with a definite +1, again, goodluck!

Kind Regards,
A man that feels mad

''Everything around you can change within the blink of an eye''.
19th Feb 2020, 12:45amFeb 19 2020
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Hi Lazy, thanks for reapplying.

I will not deny that some spelling mistakes make my OCD go bat**** insane, but since I am judging your application based on how you responded to scenarios I can honestly confirm I have no issue in you re-applying and I honestly see you as a valuable asset to the staff team.

There is nothing serious I wish to nit-pick, you were a previous admin and moderator on the server and I do not have any issues with you as a whole. A lot of previous staff members have had various individuals express concerns over how others will act but considering I am looking through the lenses of only rebuilding the Skillzworld staff team, I can honestly conclude I would not have any quarrel with you being a moderator or even admin again and I think you will bolster it again.

I'm giving a +1 to your application, despite your ban. I do not see the ban as anything seriously hindering your application, and honestly believe you will do nothing but help Skillzworld to grow and improve. Good luck you colonial rebel!

Edited,19th Feb 2020, 12:54am
I like three things, crumpets, tea and a gallon of pee.
-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
Trusted Trial
-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
Trusted Trial
18th Feb 2020, 8:54pmFeb 18 2020
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Steam name: TheLazyScrub
Discord name#0000: TheLazyScrub#4828
Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:177253903
(Optional) Real name: Justin
(Optional) Sex: Male
Residential country: United States Of america - Indiana
Age: 16
Current playtime on Garry's Mod: 2,181
Current playtime in Skillzworld: 15 days
What languages do you speak or are in the process of learning: English

(Optional) Do you have any previous experience as a moderator: Yes, i have been A Moderator and Admin on SkillzWold before.
I Was approved to become Head Admin but i declined knowing i was going to resign soon.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

(Optional) Who are the staff member(s) that suggested you to apply?
Dankyy - he helped me proof read.
How active would you be during the week?
I would be active almost every day so 5 days a week 4 being the minimum

Why would you like to be a Team Member?
As i said before I've been staff here before and most of my friends or people i know in general
sill play here. And if i'm being honest i miss it. Also when i'm on the server there is like never any staff on the server and i want to change that. Plus i Made my first Sw application over 2 years ago, i posted it around February
i plan to do the same with this application. Also the past few days I've been back on the server when there is no staff on it's just hell. (for me at least) i hate when people break the rules it takes the fun out of the game.

I know I've had some issues with the server in the past but i really did not have anything to do with the things they were doing, even after one instance i had to fix the
server because i was the only one left with powers. ( Just putting this here to clear things up for people that don't know) :/

Write something about yourself (f.e hobbies, education, favorite games):
I have type one Diabetes, i like playing a couple of rhythm games, i love hanging out with my friends
And, I'm a big boy in High School. I tend to be easy going with most players unless they set me off for what ever reason, but that rarely happens.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —

How would you deal with a disrespectful player?
I would first ask them to stop in Chat, if they continue i would then Gag or mute and Warn them, If they continue after map change/ repeated offence i would perma gag.

How would you deal with a microphone / chat Spammer?
I would ask them to stop with the spam, if they continue i would warn them and gag/Mute them, if this still continues kick. if it is repeated i would ban for a short time.

A player is ghosting, what do you do in this situation?
once i know they are ghosting i would tell them what ghosting is and then tell them why you cant do it,i if they sill continue to ghost i would warn them and gag/mute if it continues i would kick them and another warn if need be.

A player is in a VIP spot within the last minute of the round, what do you do?
I would ask them to get down and tell them why, if they don't listen i would slap them down, if after this and they still continue i would warn and kick if needed.

How would you deal with someone prop surfing or blocking?
i would first ask them to stop,For the Surfing i would slap them and warn them if it continues, For blocking i would then slay them and warn them.

How would you deal with someone who is prop killing another victims or bears?
i would tell them to stop and if they don't i would warn and slay them, and if they continue i would kick them, if needed on multiple offence i would ban them

How would you deal with a player who is threatening the server (e.g. DDos, hacking)?
i would first gag/mute them and if they continue i would first get some form of proof then i would Warn them followed with a ban then tell the higher ups about it.

A Russian player that uses text / voice chat suddenly left the Russian channel and then joins the English chat to speak Russian. What would you do in this situation?'
i would move them back to the other group and if they don't stop i would gag/mute them then followed by a warn if they continue. and a kick if need be.

How do you react when a rule breaker avoids staff by going into a different chat?
i would still do the same and just move into there and gag/mute them and if the situation calls for it warn them

What would you do if a player mutes and ignores a staff member when spoken to?
i would most likely just slap them then if still warn them and if they complain then i will speak to them about it and tell them why they cant mute staff.

A player starts to misuse the admin chat in the server (by pressing @: f.e spamming, begging), how would you act upon this?
i would kindly ask them to stop and tell them what the chat is used for, if they still don't stop i would kick them, if it still goes on warn.

You see another team member abuse their powers on the server, how would you react to this?
i would first get evidence and then report it to the higher ups in the server most likely in PM's so i don't have to get backlash form the person causing the issue.

A player starts saying offensive things on the server, what do you do in this situation?
Depending on the situation i would ask them to stop a couple of times, but if they still continue i would gag/mute them and warn them if need be.

How would act upon someone who is time farming on the server?
i would see if they are afk with a slap and if they are afk i would kick them with the reason saying - AFK Time Farm -, if it continues i would then warn and kick again.

— — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — — —