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Hwang's application

DopeAssDinosaur, 23rd Dec 2019, 11:35pm
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27th Dec 2019, 10:56pmDec 27 2019
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I'm gonna accept your application since you got 2 +'s, and since you were staff before I'm sure you'll do even better. -- The admins pointed out any mistakes and left comment for you, please make sure to read them.

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Edited,27th Dec 2019, 10:56pm
With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and all be banned.
I call that, mercy...
26th Dec 2019, 7:11amDec 26 2019
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Hello Hwang! Here comes mamma Ribbon with very "strict" feedback as always :)

I don't think think I need to point anything out since our great Printing corrected you etc.

The things I'm going to talk to you about is how you acted before when you were a teammate.

The way you acted before was not okay! You acted like you were the primary person and that anyone else in the team was below you. I remember when there were trials and me as a mod and how you pretty much insulted us for either being slow or that "a mod should know how to do smth" and you did that pretty often I must say.

I just want to let you know that if you become a trial or moderator, behave like everyone is an equal and be nice to everyone. Give everyone a chance and let people try bec that's what a team member should do.

+1 from me.

Good luck and behave well<3

Edited,26th Dec 2019, 7:13am
Have a nice day!
24th Dec 2019, 8:28pmDec 24 2019
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Hey Hwang, glad to see you back. So for your application, there are a few mistakes, so let's start by breaking them down.

-For the first two scenarios, I believe it's more appropriate for you to kick the rule breaker before banning them.
-For the one regarding prop killing, you'd start by telling him not to do that again, and if he does it again then you can apply a slay+warn.
-For the guy moving into russian/english chat, if he comes back after you !movechat him and does the same thing, you should mute/gag him, and if it happens again mute/gag+warn.
-For the guy avoiding staff by moving into another chat, you should mute/gag+warn him if he does it again after you verbally warned him, and if he does it once more you can kick him.
-For the guy that misuses admin chat, you should first tell him to stop and if he doesn't, you warn him because you can't really mute/gag a guy in admin chat I'm pretty sure.
-For the team member that abuses his powers, I would first ask him to stop, if he doesn't I would take screenshots and send them to higher ranking staff members, as sometimes you might not be able to kick a staff member. Also, a ban is too much.

There certainly are some flaws in your scenarios but they are minor and could easily be readjusted. I also heard you could sometimes be immature with your actions as a staff. However I don't think that you have ill intentions, and I believe you could become a great asset to the team as long as you learn from your mistakes. A +1 from me.
23rd Dec 2019, 11:35pmDec 23 2019
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Steam Name: rippityhippity(also known as Hwang)
Discord name#0000: Hwang#1764
Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:438040462
(Optional) Real Name: Daniel
(Optional) Sex: Male
Residential country: Italy
Age: 16
Current playtime on Garry's Mod: 461 hours
Current playtime in Skillzworld: 1 week and 6 hours
What languages do you speak or are in the process of learning: English

(Optional) Do you have any previous experience as a moderator: Yes, i had, i've been moderator for 1 month probably if i'm not wrong, i have enough experience to become staff again only if cores and admins wants.


(Optional) Who are the staff member(s) that suggested you to apply?

How active would you be during the week?: It depends, since i have school too(10th grade must be hard but it's easy) probably 4 days out of 7 and in those 4 days around 2 hours.

Why would you like to be a Team Member? - I would like to become a Team Member again because i've been playing recently this gamemode because i missed it and i found a lot of rulebreakers and people that are doing bad stuff on the server and since there's a small staff, i want to make it a litle bit bigger with me and i would love to be again one of you and taking care of the players and making their game enjoyable as much as possible, after all that's our priority.
Write something about yourself (f.e hobbies, education, favorite games): i love playing games and listening to music, my favorite genres are rock, rap, emo trap, trap, also i have a passion for football, i play football with my friends, my favorite games are Realm Of The Mad God, VrChat, AOE 2-3, GTA Series and FNAF.

How would you deal with a disrespectful player? I would tell politely to the fellow player to stop being disrespectful and if he is still being disrespectful same round or map i'll make sure to give him the gag/mute and a warn, and in the end it just a matter of time when the fellow player will get banned for being disrespectful.

How would you deal with a microphone / chat Spammer? I would tell politely to the fellow player to stop mic / chat spamming but if he isn't listening to what i'm saying i would gag/mute him and give him a warn and it's just a matter of time when the fellow player will get banned.

A player is ghosting. What do you do in this situation? I'll make sure to tell him to stop ghosting and if he doesn't know he meaning of what ''ghosting'' means i'll make sure to explain him what does that mean, but if he still continues i would give him a gag/mute, and if he continues next map then i will gag/mute and apply a warn.
A player is in a VIP spot within the last minute of the round. What do you do? I would tell to the fellow player to go down from the VIP spot, if he still stays here i would take action and give him a slap, if he continues to stay in a vip spot i would slay him and if he keeps going on the vip spot i'd slay him and give a warn.

How would you deal with someone prop surfing or blocking? I would tell him first to stop prop surfing/blocking, and if they don't stop i would slap them for 2-3 times and if they still continues i'd slay them for prop surfing/blocking, next round if they still trying to prop surf/block i'll do the same and warn them since was 2nd time.

How would you deal with someone who is prop killing another victims or bears? I would ask first if it was on accident or on purpose, i would check the logs and if it was on purpose i would slay him, and if he does it 2nd time i would slay him again and apply a warn.

How would you deal with a player who is threatening the server (e.g. DDos, hacking)? I would make a screenshot fast and ban him permanently and i'll show the screenshots to the admins or cores and i'll let them to do the rest.

A Russian player that uses text / voice chat suddenly left the Russian channel and then joins the English chat to speak Russian. What would you do in this situation? I would tell to the fellow Russian Player that he is on our english chat and he needs to talk only in english if he wants to talk his own language i'll make sure to tell him to type !allchat, if he doesn't want to move to russian chat and he keeps talking in russian in our english chat i would make sure to !movechat him immediately and if he still cames back in our english chat then i would apply a warn for talking russian in the english chat.
How do you react when a rule breaker avoids staff by going into a different chat? They have the obligation to listen to the staff, if they don't they would get warned or kicked, every player should listen to the staff even if it's a litle bit strict.

What would you do if a player mutes and ignores a staff member when spoken to? Same As Above.

A player starts to misuse the admin chat in the server (by pressing @: f.e spamming, begging). How would you act upon this? I would politely ask the player to stop spamming/begging, as the admin chat is used for, but if the player has some serious problems like being stuck or staff discussing about certain situations, if he continues i would apply a mute/gag on him and if he fellow player continues next map i would do the same but applying a warn.

You see another team member abuse their powers on the server. How would you react to this? I would tell him to stop immediately to abuse his powers and if he doesn't listen to me and continues to abuse i would kick him and give him a temporary ban, and i would gather some evidence and i'll give them to the higher ranks like admins or cores.
A player starts saying offensive / racist things on the server. What do you do in this situation? I would warn/gag him immediately for racism and if he continues next map i would apply a kick or a temporary ban.

How would act upon someone who is time farming on the server? I would look first at the session so i can see how many rounds the fellow player was afk and if he was afk for more than 3 rounds then i would apply a kick and if he cames back and still continues to time farm, then i would warn him for PointFarming.

Thanks for taking time to read this!

-RippityHippity (or Hwang)
With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and all be banned.
I call that, mercy...