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Lunar's Application

Lunar, 21st Jul 2019, 9:59pm
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25th Jul 2019, 8:32pmJul 25 2019
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Hey Bunar,

It's good to see that you have applied!

I have read through everyone's vote and I think that it's clear that the members of the staff-team would love to see your actions and work in the team...

Therefore I would like to congratulate you, and welcome you the Skillzworld family! I expect a lot of great things from you, your 14 day trial shall start right now. Make me and the team itself proud young one!
Coco OwO
23rd Jul 2019, 11:09pmJul 23 2019
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Hey Lunar! Thanks for Applying!

Your application looks very good, probably more good than mine, i'm happy to see you applying, printing already pointed all the mistakes you've made so i'm gonna go forward and i'm gonna give you the +1.

And try to be more mature, i saw you on the server saying bad things(they were censored) but you need to try to be calm in some moments, try to keep your bad things for yourself, i know you rage a lot and don't tell me that i'm lying about that, but we'll see how do you proceed as a VIP Trusted if you'll gonna get accepted.


Through pain, we understand each other's feelings.
23rd Jul 2019, 12:03amJul 23 2019
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Heyo, Lunar

I don't think I'v seen you on the server unless you changed your name just before the application. anyway your application had more correct than incorrect if i'm right and that's good!
I would post something longer but it's complicated for me. 1+ for me and also could we play Terraria some time?
22nd Jul 2019, 11:18amJul 22 2019
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Goodmorning Lunar,

I just woke up so please don't mind my short response please. Printing noted all the mistakes you made, and in my opinion those mistakes can be easily made but also easily learned when watching other staff members. Plus if you're not really sure how to deal with stuff, we're always here to listen. From my experience you're a funny, supportive and kind person and would like to see you on our team since I never had problems with you whatsoever. (Just don't get involved with those weird joke makers again, like last time :3) Anyways, it's going to be a +1 from me since we need more active staff. Good luck and have fun on the server!

Kind regsrds,
Mikey (Mouse)

22nd Jul 2019, 8:27amJul 22 2019
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Hello Bunar, thanks for applying!

Printing has already gone over the gaps in your application so I will skip that part (thanks Printing).

For most scenarios, nothing majorly concerns me regarding your application. Yes there are a few mistakes but it is mostly just doing commands in the wrong order and/or missing a minor step such as a verbal warning here and there. Nothing is.. what's the word... incorrect to the point of absurdity?

I know you lost your old steam account so your 100 hours on Gmod does not concern me as such and I hope that your current 4+ days and trial will slide you into the staff mindset rapidly.

Finally, I would not have suggested you to apply in the first place if I did not believe you would make an awesome staff member. You have informed me of numerous rule-breaks in the past and your only slip-up was some ****-avoids the first time I saw you playing. Disregarding those, you have always had a positive, fun and engaging attitude on the server which is perfect for a staff member.

I'll finish this post off with a +1 as I would love to see what you can do. Good luck!

Edited,22nd Jul 2019, 8:28am
I like three things, crumpets, tea and a gallon of pee.
22nd Jul 2019, 1:39amJul 22 2019
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Hey Lunar, glad to see you have applied. There are quite a few mistakes in your app so ill start by correcting them.

-So for when a person is ghosting you might need to explain what ghosting is to them just in case they don't know.

-When someone is prop surfing/prop blocking it doesn't mean that he is in a prohibited spot so the slap that you give to them isn't to let them down from that area it's just to get them to be aware of their mistake which also is followed by a verbal warning, if they continue after that you would slay them and if they do it once again its a slay and a warning.

-If someone is trying to prop kill another player after you tell them to stop you would slay them and if they do it again then add a warning with a slay.

-For when a person is speaking Russian in the normal chat it's almost correct but if they don't type "!allchat" you would just "!movechat" them without a gag/mute and if they come back doing the same thing then you can add a gag/mute.

-When a player is avoiding staff you would first tell them to stop avoiding staff and if they continue you would then warn them for that and add an applicable punishment for the rule they broke.

-If a team member is abusing their power I would first ask for them to immediately stop doing what they are doing. What you said after is correct.

-If someone's being racist yes you would gag/mute and warn but if they continue afterward you would kick and warn, a ban is appropriate subsequently.

-When you see a player timefarming you would first slap them just to check if he's there or not if he isn't then you would kick, if he does it again you would kick and warn.

I've seen you a lot in the server you're a nice person and you seem genuine about your reasoning of becoming staff but I'm afraid the flaws are a bit overwhelming and you having 100 hours on gmod is a bit worrying. I'll go with a neutral, good luck ^^

Edited,22nd Jul 2019, 1:41am
21st Jul 2019, 9:59pmJul 21 2019
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:503431034
Steam Name:Lunar
(Optional) Real Name:Lunar
(Optional) Sex:
Residential Country: Azerbaijan
Age:Eight Teen
Current playtime on Garry's Mod:100
Current playtime in Skillzworld:98
What languages do you know or you are in the process of learning: I know English, And i am Currently Trying to Learn French.


(Optional) Who are the staff member(s) that suggested you to apply? Dankyy~

How active would you be during the week? 3 or 4 days

Why would you like to be a Team Member? I want to be a Team Member Because, I would LOVE to help the server by Moderating.

Write something about yourself (f.e hobbies, education, favourite games): I like Basketball, I LOVE to play Terraria, Garry's Mod, Raft And WarFrame!

= Answer the following questions/statements =

How would you deal with a disrespectful player? If a Player is Being Disrespectful I Firstly will Tell them to Be Nice and if he Continues Being Disrespectful I will Mute / gag them if they are Being Disrespectful, And If they still being Disrespectful Then i will warn and gag/mute them.

How would you deal with a microphone/chat Spammer?I Will say to them Stop Mic / chat spamming If you Continue this will result in a Mute / Gag. and if they Continue I Will Mute / Gag them and if they are keep mic/ Chat spamming then i will Warn them and again Gag / Mute them.

A player is ghosting. What do you do in this situation? I would tell them to stop Ghosting! If they Continue i will Eventually mute/ gag them, and if they keep continuing then i will Warn and Gag and mute them again

A player is in a VIP spot within the last minute of the round. What do you do? I would firstly Ask them to Get down, and if they Stay up and Not listen to me I will Slap them off. If He or she does it again Next round or other rounds, staying in a Vip spot the last minute i will Slay them and Warn them.

How would you deal with someone prop surfing/prop blocking? First i will Tell them to Stop Prop Blocking / Prop Surfing and i would slap them off if he or she stays up there i will slay them. And if the Continue i will Slap them and if they STILL dont come down i will slay and Warn them.

How would you deal with someone who is prop killing another victim/bear? I will Tell them to Stop Trying to Prop kill and if they Continue i will Slay and Warn them.

How would you deal with a player who is threatening the server (e.g. DDos, hacking)? I would Tell them to stop Trying to Threaten The server, And if they Continue i will Get their Steam Id and ban them, and Take Proof from Server **** Channel Or Gmod Server and Send them to the Staff Team so i can prove that He was actually Threatening the server.

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat suddenly left the Russian channel and then joins the English chat to speak Russian. What would you do in this situation? I would tell them You are in the Wrong chat Please Do !allchat to go to Russian Chat or Stop Speaking Russian And if they Don't listen to me i will move them and gag and mute them. if they come back and keep speaking russian i will Warn them, Gag / mute them and move them again.

How do you react when a rule breaker avoids staff by going into a different chat (Russian or English chat)? I would first warn them for the rule they Broke, and them tell them to Stop Avoiding Staff, And if they continue in another chat i will Warn them for Disrespect.

What would you do if a player mutes and ignores a staff member(s) when breaking rules? First i would ask them to Stop Ignoring / muting staff, and if they continue I would First warn them for whatever Rule they Broke and, If they Ignore Staff or Mute Staff and Continue i Warn them for Disrespecting Staff.

A player starts to misuse the admin chat in the server (by pressing @: f.e spamming, begging). How would you act upon this?
I would first tell them to stop then,
I would Warn them and if they continue i will Kick them.

You see another team member abuse their powers on the server. How would you react to this? I would take screenshots of the Evidence and Send them to a Higher Rank then i am

A player starts saying offensive/racist things on the server. What do you do in this situation? I would First warn them and Then gag/mute them, and if they continue i will ban them atleast for 1 day.

How would act upon someone who is time farming on the server? I would kick them and if he or she joins back i will Kick and warn them.
= Terms & rules =

Is all the information you filled out above correct? Yes
Did you read the rules and understand them? Yes
As a team member you need to prepare yourself by reading the #guidelines channel in Discord. Will you do so? Yes
Did you read and understand the set requirements and rules for staff members? Yes

As a Team Member you need to join the Skillzworld Discord server. Will you join? Yes
What is your Discord#0000? Lunar#9999
Are you in our Steam group? Yes