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PBear Application

dia, 15th May 2019, 2:18pm
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17th May 2019, 4:17pmMay 17 2019
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Unfortunately, this time Dia, I will have to decline your application due to the voting and errors displayed.
Edited,17th May 2019, 4:18pm
17th May 2019, 3:35pmMay 17 2019
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Crispy said everything already, don't think I've seen you on the server that much so i'm gonna give ya a -1. Better luck next time
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
17th May 2019, 12:40pmMay 17 2019
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Crispy told everything about your application, I didn't see you even if you played on it since a long time, try to help people and be more active on english/russian chat or even on the discord would be good. For now my vote is -1 Don't loose hope, my hope can change in the future. Good Luck!
16th May 2019, 1:05amMay 16 2019
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Hey there, Crispy have allready pointed out the lacking details, exept the steam id, your steam id is STEAM_0:1:184862003.
It will also be a
-1 from me sadly
16th May 2019, 12:58amMay 16 2019
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Hey dia!

Crispy has already went over your application and as he mentioned, your application has multiple mistakes and lacks a lot of detail. So, I'll have to give you a -1
15th May 2019, 8:29pmMay 15 2019
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dia - Wrote

Staff member that suggested you to apply? (Optional): Nyan

I said you could apply, I didn't personally suggest you xD
15th May 2019, 8:25pmMay 15 2019
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Hey Dia!

I've noticed multiple flaws with your application :

How would you deal with a disrespectful player : Yes , the first part is correct. But if the player still continues after map change then you should warn them.
How would you deal with a person who's ghosting : Firstly , after telling them not to ghost , be sure to give an explanation of what ghosting is if they don't know. But If he continues mute/gag them. And if they still continue to give other players' locations even after map change then warn them.
If someone is propsurfing : Be sure telling them to get off and if they are using it to reach unreachable spots then slap them off. If they continue to do the same thing again the next round warn them.
If a russian hops on the english chat : If they are speaking english let them be. But if they are speaking russian !movechat them and if they continue warn them
If a player is ignoring a staff member: If they arent really doing anything let them be. But if they are breaking rules and still ignore you then warn them.
You see another Staff Member abuse his/her powers: You can't do anything without proof , so you firstly take proof and then go and tell the head admins.
How would you deal if someone's time farming : Firstly , check their playtime. If they've been AFK for over 2 rounds kick them and if they come again and still stay AFK warn them.

As you can see yourself your application has multiple flaws. I'm going to have to give it a -1. Good luck!
15th May 2019, 2:18pmMay 15 2019
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Information about you:

Steam ID: https://steamcommunity.com/id/Diaonelove/
Steam Nickname: dia
Name (Optional): Sergey Davydov
Sex (Optional): man
Country: Russia, Kemerovskaya Oblast
Age: 16
Current time on Garry's Mod: 1600 (Almost)
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ): 7 week 4 day 00 hous
Language(s): Russian, bad English
Previous experiences as staff?: Sorry, but there was no
Staff member that suggested you to apply? (Optional): Nyan

How often would you be online during the week?: If you happen to obtain the post of administrator, I'll be much more to devote time to the game (now 2 hours a day maximum, and will be a minimum of 4 hours)

Why would you like to be a Team Member?: I have been playing on this project for a long time and I want to start helping him, because I see a lot of violations in the Russian chat, and in English, I see how players break the rules (VIP places, Prop block and others) and the administration sometimes do not pay attention, but I will not leave this and will fight with violators


Write something small about yourself (For Example: Hobbies, Education, Favourite games)
Play soccer on the weekends, gather a collection of postage machines in Russia, study well and games 1. Garry's Mod 2. GTA V 3. CS: GO
Choose an answer for the following issues

How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?: First I will ask him to be polite to other players, and if he continues, then I will give him a mute, so as not to interfere with other players to play

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer?:I will ask him to be polite to other players and did not interfere with them and if he continues, will give the mute (and if a strong spasm, then you can give warn)

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?: Ask the Ghost not to talk about where the players and if we get another complaint, or I will hear will give warn

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?: First, I will ask to get off it, but if peeling is not, then slap him,(and if not will continue to move Kiko for AFC), and if it is to continue to sit after the minutes to the VIP areas in the following rounds, it will give warn

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?: You will be asked to stop doing it and burn it take it, and if it is to continue, then I'll give warn

What would you do if someone is threatening the server?: Ban immediately, because he does not respect your project, which was built over the years

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat has left the Russian channel and joins the English chat: if he speak Russian in the English chat, it will redirect it to your chat

A rule breaker that avoids staff going into a different chat (Russian or English chat): You can write a personal message, or issue of warn in not a departure from the administration

A player that mutes and ignores a staff member?: I will give warn for contempt of the administration, or without question( if he broke some rules will be given of warn)

You see another Team Member abuse his/her powers on he server: tell the head admin

A player starts saying the N Word on the server: I will betray warn because it is a forbidden word

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?: would Varnas, or kicked


Terms and Rules

Do you accept the terms of the rules?: yes
Did you read the rules and understand them?: yes

As a Team Member you need to join the Skillzworld discord channel.
Will you join?: I've been there since 2018)

Thanks, Skillzworld Core.