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PBear staff application

Redd, 28th Mar 2019, 10:49pm
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30th Mar 2019, 11:09amMar 30 2019
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Sorry for the late response, I have been busy.
There was a lot wrong with the application, the votes that were given were all negative. So unfortunately I will have to decline you.
30th Mar 2019, 9:47amMar 30 2019
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Hi Redd!

So yeah, Lithium pretty much discussed every flaw, I don't think my vote is mattering in this situation since I am sadly going for a -1. I am sure that you'll make it with some more experience and patients. What I did was watch the staff members on how they deal with some of the situations described in the application, to see how they do it in particular. Whiles doing this you could also ask yourself if this really is the right decision to deal with said situation. But don't ever be afraid to ask the staff team some questions, it's our job to answer every question if possible, we are a team that really is made to help out with certain situations. Please make sure to return once you feel confident enough to give it another try, but most importantly. Don't give up! Life is too short to.

Disclaimer: It's not my decision or any of the staff members to accept you to the team or not, the last word's always to our sweet and kind Head-Admin Nyanis
29th Mar 2019, 10:56amMar 29 2019
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Hello Redd, I know you since you joinned the server first time and I saw all the mistakes you did, prove me you can change, help the staff and help people and don't break the rules. That all I can say, I stay neutral for now, good luck
29th Mar 2019, 10:18amMar 29 2019
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Haii Redd (⌒‿⌒)
Thank you for applying!
Lithium Wave already mentioned the mistakes.
I'm sorry, but it's -1 from me o(TヘTo) .
Good luck!(≧▽° )
29th Mar 2019, 7:17amMar 29 2019
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Hello Redd. Thanks for applying! Lithium already mentioned every single mistake :(
I’m sorry but it’s
-1 from me.

Hello there!
28th Mar 2019, 11:28pmMar 28 2019
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Haiii Redd :3

I'll start by saying Connor is no longer a staff member here, but it would make sense if he suggested you before leaving.

Now to your app

Disrespectful Player: One verbal warning is enough, if the player continues it is a mute/gag. If it happens the next map it is mute/gag and !warn. Not a ban unless it is very serious.

Spam: Same as above.

Ghosting: You really only need to tell the player once or twice (if you need to explain what ghosting is). If they continue after the mute/gag round, then it is another mute/gag and a !warn.

Prop Surf: If a player is still prop surfing after slaps it is a slay and !warn.

Threatening: Take a screenshot and/or video of the threat as evidence and instantly ban the player for max possible (2 hrs for trusted, perma for all others). Then show to higher ups.

Russian Chat: Tell the player to use !allchat, then if they ignore use !movechat to send player to russian chat. Don't really need to mute/gag unless its repetitive.

Jumping Chats: If the player is jumping chats to avoid staff you can try to pm the player involved. All other punishments still apply, but the player also gets warned for this.

Player mutes staff: If the player is known to mute staff it is a warn and a kick (if the warn didn't auto kick).

Admin Abuse: This one you got pretty close. Once you get evidence, the only problem is that I think the tool will not let you ban staff members that are higher than you. You would have to get a staff member that is higher up to take care of the staff once you show evidence.

N word: This is an insta mute/gag and warn. No matter what.

Timefarming: Check to see if the player has been AFK for 6 rounds (full map) if so, then kick. If the player keeps timefarming, it is a warn and kick.

Also most of your replies involve reporting to higher staff. This is only for more serious situations like threats and admin abuse. If you did it for everything, it would essentially nullify being a staff since these would be responsibilities you would have to deal with as well. I should also clarify you were banned in the past for impersonating staff. This app plus some past events give me no choice but to give a -1, but good luck.
28th Mar 2019, 10:49pmMar 28 2019
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Information about you:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:78795536
Steam Nickname:Redd
Name (Optional):Redd
Sex (Optional):Male
Country:United States
Current time on Garry's Mod:508
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ):1 week & above
Previous experiences as staff?:No
Staff member that suggested you to apply? (Optional):ConnorMcDerp

How often would you be online during the week?:1-4 Days if server is up

Why would you like to be a Team Member?:I Realize most time when i’m on playing it’s a bit rare to see a staff (Unless 12 players above)


Write something small about yourself (For Example: Hobbies, Education, Favourite games) Favorite hobby is to take a walk out with my dogs. Favorite game would be garry’s mod

Choose an answer for the following issues

How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?:Give at least three warnings to the player if not listening mute/gagg for the whole game till map switches. If still continuing gather evidence (For low rank) and give the evidence to a higher rank to approve the kick/ban(Temp ban first)

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer?:Give at least three warnings if it is to be continued mute/gag the player for the whole game till the map changes. If player still does not follow directions temp ban or ask a higher rank to see if the ban/kick is okay to do

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?:Tell the player that ghosting is not aloud (Tell them at least three times) if players does not listen mute/gag them till map changes and see if the understand the rules. If continued either get evidence or tell a higher rank what to do

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?:slap or tp them to a non - vip spot and tell them that they can’t be in a vip spot past one minute/ If continued get evidence or tell a higher rank what to do

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?:Slap them off the prop or a unreachable spot that they got to. Tell the player what they did wrong. If the player continues (after a few warns) tell a higher staff what to do or get evidence to send to a higher staff

What would you do if someone is threatening the server?:tell the player to stop at least three times. If player does not listen get evidence or call in a higher staff to deal with the problem (temp ban if higher staff is not online)

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat has left the Russian channel and joins the English chat:Send them back to the russian channel. If player comes back to the english chat mute/gag them. If still continued either get a higher rank or tell what to do to a higher rank

A rule breaker that avoids staff going into a different chat (Russian or English chat):I would use google translate to to them the problem. If continued get evidence of what the player was doing and send it to a higher staff (Temp ban)

A player that mutes and ignores a staff member?:Do the rejoin command and see if the player will follow the rules. If the same thing happens temp ban & get evidence to show to higher staff

You see another Team Member abuse his/her powers on he server:Remind the staff member of their doing. If continued get evidence and temp ban the staff member and how the evidence to a higher staff

A player starts saying the N Word on the server:Tell the player that that is against the rules and they can not say that word. If the player continues mute/gag the player till next map. If they continue get evidence or get a higher staff

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?:I would feel pretty disappointed and see them not enjoying their time on the server. I would temp ban and report the problem to higher staff


Terms and Rules

Do you accept the terms of the rules?:Yes`
Did you read the rules and understand them?:Yes

As a Team Member you need to join the Skillzworld discord channel.
Will you join?:Yes

Thanks, Skillzworld Core.