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Achilléa's Pbear Application

10th Feb 2019, 5:37am . 28
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12th Feb 2019, 7:43amFeb 12 2019
Hey Achillea, thanks for applying. Youve gotten the feedback from the staff and sadly to say you havent been accepted. You can reapply in 2 weeks.

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11th Feb 2019, 12:21pmFeb 11 2019
Haiii Achilléa

I see that you made many mistakes in your Application, Lithium said already your mistakes
Its a -1 from me but I think you would be good if you fix your mistakes
good luck ^^

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11th Feb 2019, 2:38amFeb 11 2019
Okay, I get it. I'm gonna have to reapply, but better. Thank you.

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11th Feb 2019, 2:11amFeb 11 2019
I have seen you on the server, I know you are a genuine and kind person, who helps out others. But unfortunately, you missed points which were very important (what Lithium pointed out already). Which means it is a -1 from me as well. But hear me out, I do think you would be good as staff, so maybe learn from your mistakes on this application and re-apply some time in the future! Maybe use this feedback to your advantage! :)

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10th Feb 2019, 9:03pmFeb 10 2019
Haiii Achillea :3

Here is what I noticed in your app

Disrespectful Player: Partially correct. If the player is still being disrespectful the map after a mute/gag, apply another mute/gag and a warn.

Ghosting: Incorrect. For ghosting, you may have to tell the player what ghosting is (giving away another player's location while you are dead) after you tell them to stop in case they do not know what it is. If they continue put a mute/gag on them. If it happens again in the following round, then put the warn on after the mute/gag.

VIP Spot: Partially correct. If you have to get to the warn command after verbally warning and slapping, make sure you also use !slay then warn.

Prop Surf: Incorrect. The player first must be told do not prop surf, then slap the player a couple times. If player is still prop surfing, then it is slay and warn.

Threats: Incorrect. A warn will do nothing to the player. While you did mention the evidence in a screenshot, that player needs to be banned perma (Trusteds can ban up to 2 hrs) and show evidence to the higher ups. These need to be taken very seriously.

While there are a few flaws, they appear larger than they are because of what is needed to be done, as you resorted to instant !warn for a few of those. Especially considering giving just a warn to a threat will not do anything. For that I will give a -1 on this app, but good luck.

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10th Feb 2019, 5:37amFeb 10 2019



Information about you:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:205313146
Steam Nickname: Achilléa
Name (Optional): Ksenia
Sex (Optional): Female
Country: Russia
Age: 14
Current time on Garry's Mod: 549 hours
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ): 2w 2d
Language(s): Russian, English and learning Korean
Previous experiences as staff?: Unfortunately, I have no experience

How often would you be online during the week?: almost every day from 2 to 5 hours

Why would you like to be a Team Member?: I've been playing on the server for a long time and I've often seen some players breaking the rules, so I'd like to join the to make sure there are fewer violators.


Write something small about yourself: Sometimes I can be shy with strangers, but if I get to know them better, we can be good friends. Sometimes I play the piano, learn Korean and practice English. My favorite games are Dead By Daylight, Garry's Mod and Friday the 13th: The Game.


How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?: I'll ask them to be polite to the players. If they continue, I will mute/gag them.

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer?: I'd ask them to stop, if they continue, I'll mute/gag them. If he continues in hext round I'll give him a warn.

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?: I'll ask him to stop Ghosting if he continue I'll give him a warn.

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?: I'll ask them to move from the VIP spot, if they ignore me I'll slap them. If I notice in the next round they are doing the same thing, then I will then give them a warn.

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?: I'd tell them it's against the rule that prop surfing is forbidden, but if they continue, I'll give them a warn.

What would you do if someone is threatening the server?: I'd give him a warn immediately, collect some skreenshot and report it immediately to the staff.

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat has left the Russian channel and joins the English chat: I would ask them to talk in English or transfer to the Russian channel by typing '!allchat' . If they cannot do it or just ignore me, then I would move them to the Russian speaking chat with the '!movechat' command.

A rule breaker that avoids staff going into a different chat (Russian or English chat): I'd ask him to stop if he ignores me I'd give him an a warn immediately.

A player that mutes and ignores a staff member?: I'll ask him not to ignore, if he ignores this warning message I'll give him a warn and kick him.

You see another Team Member abuse his/her powers on he server: I will remind them of their responsibility to keep an eye on the server and not to abuse their responsibilities if I continue to gather all the evidence and report it immediately to the staff.

A player starts saying the N Word on the server: I'll mute/gag that person. I'll give warn to this person, If he/she continue saying the n word and I'll ask admin to ban them.

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?: First I'd check if they are AFK and seen for how long. If they had been AFK for a number of rounds, I'd kick them. If I see him doing it all the time I'll give him/her a warn.


Terms and Rules

Do you accept the terms of the rules?: yes
Did you read the rules and understand them?: yes

As a Team Member you need to join the Skillzworld discord channel.
Will you join?: I joined in
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