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Yass's **** Application!

❤Yass❤, 24th Jan 2019, 6:15pm
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27th Jan 2019, 12:31pmJan 27 2019
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Hey Yass,Awesome to see you applying for staff,you've gotten your feedback from the staff and you are also pretty fun to play with.With that i would like to congratulate you to the staff! Congrats! You will now be on your trial as VIP trusted.

Steam Profile
    [*]Worth: 3554€

    [*]Games owned: 371

    [*]Hours on record: 16,739.0h

27th Jan 2019, 12:12pmJan 27 2019
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Sorry, it has taken a while to respond to your app Yass. I like your application, you have given pretty much all the right points. Lith gave some good pointers about the vip warning. I have seen on the server how well you handle hectic situations with disruptive players. Personally, I tell people through voice chat and chat on the 'A player mutes and ignores a staff ' as some players I have noticed don't always see a gag or verbal/chat warning. I find doing both it quite effective.
But its a +1 from me ;)
Good Luck Boi
27th Jan 2019, 12:07pmJan 27 2019
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Haiii Yass

I had played with you and I think you would be a good stuff because you can very good explain and you are a nice person but you have to learn what do you have to do in this situations.
I would give you a chance to show us that you can to it, Its a +1 from me Good luck ^^
25th Jan 2019, 7:16pmJan 25 2019
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Me again

The blind pig (hint: it’s me) read something completely different and mistakenly interpreted it as your app. With that I am deeply sorry if it brought you negative assumptions thinking you couldn’t be a mod here. So let’s start over. Just remember it is warn for vip spot if you have to slay and for ignoring staff is warn for original offense then kick if the warn did not do that. So here is your well deserved and long awaited +1 yeah ignore that garbage from the original post now. Good luck and hope to see you on staff.
25th Jan 2019, 6:56pmJan 25 2019
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25th Jan 2019, 4:46pmJan 25 2019
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Haiii Yass :3

Here are a few things I noticed.

Spam: With spammers, you give a verbal warning, then mute/gag if they continue.
Ghost: Regarding ghosting, if they continue even after the verbal warning (and definition) then mute/gag. If they continue next map, then it is mute/gag and warn.
VIP Spot: If they continue to go up after a few slaps and verbal warnings, then slay and warn.
Prop Surf: It is not an instant slay. First verbally warn and slap them if they continue then do slay and warn.
Threats: These have to be taken very seriously. If you see a threat, get evidence via screenshot or video, ban the player for max time (2 hrs for trusted, Perma for mod and above) and report to higher ups.
Muting and ignoring staff: As long as they do not break any rules, it’s fine. You can use pm to contact the player one on one. If they do ignore it is the warn for rule they violated and a kick if the warn didn’t do that already.

Overall I see too many flaws, probably because you just rejoined the server a couple of days ago. Have some more time to get used to the server, until then it is a -1 from me. Good luck. :3
24th Jan 2019, 6:15pmJan 24 2019
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Information about you:

Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:131795318
Steam Nickname: ShaNeki
Name (Optional): Yassine
Sex (Optional): Male
Country: Netherlands
Age: 15
Current time on Garry's Mod: 390 hours
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ): 1w & 2d
Previous experiences as staff: I was a staff here before but due to some circumstances I was removed.
Staff member that suggested to apply (Optional): Yukii & Yari (Head-Admins)

How often would you be online during the week?: I guess 5/10h a week, depends on my school schedule and work. But I'll make sure to inform you all.

Why would you like be a Team Member?: I wanna make and keep the servers a fun place to be at, and I have heard from people that when I am around, I can really cheer things up. And that boosts my motivation to create something better up! <3 I of course want to deal with those that break rules/make the server less fun, by ruining the mood. I'll make sure to step in and take care of them in a mature way without any arguements.


Write something small about yourself:( For Example: Hobbies, Education, Favo games): I suppose that my education is VMBO-T (I am pretty sure only Cookies can tell wtf that means ehe) I am a generous kind-hearted a guy with a heart at the right place, I love to make jokes and have fun in general. I also really love to give people a hand in situations when needed. I also really love to listen so some nice music & love to watch anime. I am really kind and respectful towards elders and everyone else as long as things go smooth. But of course I keep a cool-head in rusty situations and think very well before I take actions!

Choose an answer for the following issues

How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?: I'd ask them to calm down a little, and please pay some respect to the other players. If they can not do this and disobey the order that has been given from a Staff? Then they will be muted.If they continue on the next map they will be mute/gagged and warned.

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer?: first verbally warn them and if they ignore me then mute/gag them, honestly. It depends on the situation, but in general I'd still mute/gag them. If they continue they will be muted/gagged and warned.

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?: Tell them to stop it, and if they do not happen to know what ghosting is. Then I will kindly explain it in the nicest way, I mean, to be fair. I always warn people like this: "Could you please stop revealing that player their location?" So I guess that is cool as well. If they continue i will mute/gag them and later warn.

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?: Ask them to get off, or I will slap them off myself.

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?: Check their warns, if they already have been warned? First slap them and afterwards if they ignore i would slay them. And if they do not have a warn and this is their first time breaking this rule? Then I'll make sure to tell them about this rule, assure a warn on their names. And just making sure that they will not do this bad action again!

What would you do if someone is threatening the server?: I guess ban them/kick them out.i would also get proof first before banning them. It depends on how serious I must take this person, this could also just be some child that has no idea what they are talking about ehe. I would also tell about this to the higher ups.

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat left the Russian channel and joins the English chat: Kindly ask them to move back to their chat, if they don't? Then I'll use the !movechat on them.

A rule breaker avoids staff with going into a different chat (Russian or English chat): Move them back to the English chat, and assure the issue/warn/punishment on them.

A player mutes and ignores a staff member how would you react?: I'd be kind of concerned, but if they really did. Then I'll just use the normal-chat. And if they use excuses like: "Ohhh I didn't see the warningg" Then it's obviously their fault. But I'd be patient in such situations in all honesty, it just depends on what is happening.

You see another staff member abuse he/her powers or the server:Get proof of them abusing and Immediately report this issue to the ones higher-in-command

A player starts saying the n word on the server: Assure a warn on them, and mute/gag them.

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?: Kick them, and if they keep returning just warn them.


Terms and Rules

Do accept the terms of the rules?: Yes
Did you read the rules and understod them?: Of course!
As Staff of the server we ask active members on Discord, and on the server will you be motivated enough?: Hell yeah!

Edited,25th Jan 2019, 6:44pm