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PBear Application

ПüźĐâŦыЙ™, 18th Nov 2018, 10:52am
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24th Nov 2018, 10:48amNov 24 2018
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I apologise on behalf of the skillzworld staff for how long it has taken to have a reply on your application. However, there has been talk between staff members and they have stated that your application has more than a few faults. Due to this, I will sadly have to decline you. You will be able to apply again in 2 weeks if you choose to.
18th Nov 2018, 2:01pmNov 18 2018
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Hello Viktor.
I must say that you have the basis idea, but the scenarios lack of specifications and are mostly unexact. As an example, most people don't know what ghosting means, so it'd be better to inform them on its meaning. In my opinion, these scenarios are rushed, which leads to a presumed lack of interest. I am sorry but I'll have to give you a -1. Good luck.
18th Nov 2018, 10:52amNov 18 2018
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:161806510 ; [U:1:323613021] ; 76561198283878749
Steam Nickname: ПüźĐâŦыЙ™
Name (Optional): Viktor
Sex (Optional): male
Country: Russian Federation
Current time on Garry's Mod: 433
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ): 2 week 2 hour
Language(s): Russian; English (still learning)
Previous experiences as staff: none
How often would you be online during the week?: every day 4-6 hours
Why would you like be a Team Member?:In the Russian chat is a need in the admin to avoid spammers in chat and voice chat on this I want to help to deal with them.


Write something small about yourself: I especially do not do anything but love to draw and learn to make and edit videos, love to play online games with friends, like different games.

How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?: I will say that this can not be done and if it does not help I will take action

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer?
I will say that it is impossible to spam in MIC and if does not react to it mute,I'll give him a warning.

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?:I will say that you can not do so and if you do not respond to this then I have to give them a warning/gag.

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?: I will say that 1 minute you need to leave this place and if you do not understand then I will take action in the form of a slap

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?: I will say that the server is prohibited prop surfing and if he won't give a warning.

What would you do if someone is threatening the server?: I will make a screenshot and save it Steam ID, give, ban / kick and inform admins or moderators about it and provide a screenshot and its Steam ID.

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat left the Russian channel and joins the English chat: if it won't complain it's okay but just say it in the English chat, if it be a complaint then give him a mute/gag.

A rule breaker avoids staff with going into a different chat: I'll give him a gag and a warning if it doesn't help, and he'll keep doing it. I'll kick him out.

A player mutes and ignores a staff member how would you react?:I would ask him to turn on the employee he turned off. If he doesn't, I'm gonna have to kick him.

You see another staff member abuse he/her powers or the server: Will make a screenshot and ask him to fulfill his duties and if he doesn't react I will tell the head admin as it does not fulfil their duties

A player starts saying the n word on the server: I will say that it is wrong to do and if he does not respond you have to give him a mute/gag

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?: If a man spins the clock standing afk then just kick him out

Terms and Rules

Do accept the terms of the rules?: yes
Did you read the rules and understod them?: yes
As Staff of the server we ask active members on Discord, and on the server will you be motivated enough?: yes