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PBear Application 2

Fuuka, 5th Nov 2018, 9:52pm
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8th Nov 2018, 5:55pmNov 08 2018
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Your feedback seems to be positive so I would like to grant you a week trial to potentially become mod later. Congratulations
-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
Trusted Trial
-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
Trusted Trial
7th Nov 2018, 8:21pmNov 07 2018
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Hey there Fuuka, your app looks well made with only some flaws, but you do seem to know what to do if needed at those times. For me its a +1 good luck
6th Nov 2018, 3:16pmNov 06 2018
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Hey Fuuka,thanks for applying. Your application has some minor flaws,but you seem to understand what to do in these situations. And like krul said,we really do need a staff member who can speak russian. Overall its a +1 from me

Steam Profile
    [*]Worth: 3554€

    [*]Games owned: 371

    [*]Hours on record: 16,739.0h

6th Nov 2018, 3:07pmNov 06 2018
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Hello Fuuka, thanks for applying. Your application shows some promise, I don't see any big mistake on any of the scenarios. Having a staff member that can speak Russian can be very useful for us, as most of the time it is hard for us to get understood by them. My vote is a +1. Good luck!
5th Nov 2018, 9:52pmNov 05 2018
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Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:197708356
Steam Nickname: Fuuka
Name (Optional):Anastasia
Sex (Optional): Female
Country: Estonia
Age: 16
Current time on Garry's Mod: 1,503 Hours
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ): 2 week 3 days 2 hours
Language(s): English, Russian, German, Estonian
Previous experiences as staff: None
How often would you be online during the week?:Every day 5-7 hours
Why would you like be a Team Member?: There are very positive guys.who will need help, I can always help him ^^
Write something small about yourself: I do horse riding, i love to draw and I play piano and sing. <3
How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?: If there is a person who shows disrespect, I will politely ask him to behave well. If he won't listen to me and continue to behave indecently, I have to take measures and warn him.

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer?: I will politely ask to stop spamming, if he continues spamming, I will have to give him Mute/gag. If he continues spamming on the next map, I'll give him a warning.

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?:I'm going to ask them to stop "Ghosting," if they didn't know what a "Ghosting" , I'd tell them what it . if they continue, it will make me give a mute / gag.

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?:
l'll ask them to get down, if they don't listen to me, I'll slap them, if they keep going, I'll slap them, and I should warn them and ask politely, why didn't they listen to me?

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?:I'll ask them to stop and get down, if they don't listen to me I'll have to slay them, if in the next round they continue I'll have to give them a warning, if they ask why they were given a warning I'll tell them why they were given a warning.

What would you do if someone is threatening the server?: I would not panic and would do the following: take a screenshot, find their steam ID and ban/kick it. And to inform about this the admin or moderator

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat left the Russian channel and joins the English chat: I would politely ask him to leave the chat and go back, if he doesn't, I will return him to the chat he was in.

A player mutes and ignores a staff member how would you react?: I would politely ask him to turn on the staff member he turned off. If he doesn't, I have to kick him.

You see another staff member abuse he/her powers or the server:I would ask him not to do so, if he continues then I will immediately send a screenshot to head admin.

A player starts saying the n word on the server:I would give him mute / gag if he continues, I will give him a warning

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?:I would write to him if he does not answer me and continues to stand still, I will kick him if he does not return after that, I will give him a warning.

Terms and Rules

Do accept the terms of the rules?:Yes.
Did you read the rules and understod them?:Yes.
As Staff of the server we ask active members on Discord, and on the server will you be motivated enough?: