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Skillzworld PBear Application

Fuuka, 8th Feb 2018, 8:16pm
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10th Feb 2018, 1:52pmFeb 10 2018
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Hey thankyou for applying for staff!

Unfortunately you have not been accepted

The reasons are due to you have 2 warnings for **** avoid

May not be the worst rule but avoiding **** is a thing you really don't have to do.

Feel free and try again in the future
8th Feb 2018, 8:44pmFeb 08 2018
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Hello Nastena and Thank you for your application to The SkillzWorld PBear.

For Prop Surf,when you warn don't forget to slay him
Same for the VipSpot you need to slay him when you warn him.
For Disrespectful Player if the person continue to be disrespectful after the gag/mute then warn him.
For Mic/Chat Spamming if he continue after mute/gag then it's warn.

Your application is correct, but do not forget that you have access to !Warn,you have 2 warns for **** avoid,but apart from that you respect all the rules and you are a nice person at play

I give you chance for do the trial,For Me I give You +1
Good Luck!

Thanks for move to the good section