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thetruemedics Mod App :3

thetruemedic, 22nd Jan 2018, 10:08pm
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23rd Jan 2018, 2:25pmJan 23 2018
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Hey Medic, thanks for the application!

So your scenarios seem great but some of them are a bit short, but I know you can adapt and take the advice given to you and overall become great staff.

You are also nice and active on Deathrun so I believe you will be a good person to be on the team.

I’m giving you a +1 as I know you’ll do a great job if you become staff. Good luck!
23rd Jan 2018, 1:27pmJan 23 2018
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Ayyy Modic,
definitely a
22nd Jan 2018, 11:04pmJan 22 2018
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Soooo...... corrections were made, I have nothing to add :P - App looks good, mostly correct. And so on, about you - you're friendly, nice guy and great friend :p You've got also experience which makes you even better (you know how to handle certain things). It's +1 :>
22nd Jan 2018, 10:41pmJan 22 2018
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Hey medic
Thanks for your app

Your application likes good and correct
Don't forget,you have access to warn.Ghosting after you warn same for mic/chat spamming.

You are good person,follow the rule on deathrun and very active.
My vote is +1
Good Luck!
22nd Jan 2018, 10:19pmJan 22 2018
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Medic medic medi
i have seen you app on the discord and tbh i already know you'll do a ghreat job

although your scenarios are a bit short and if they carry on spamming the mic after next map then you should warn them too
also when ghosting is happening tell them to stop first

other than that you're a great guy who im giving my +1 to, good luck!
22nd Jan 2018, 10:14pmJan 22 2018
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+1 from me! Great person to play with and helpful too~ <3
Forum Admin
22nd Jan 2018, 10:08pmJan 22 2018
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Skillzworld Deathrun Application


Information about you:

Steam ID:STEAM_1:0:45909199
Steam Nickname:Thetruemedic

Current time on Garry's Mod:3000+hour
Time on the server:1 week and 4 days
Language(s):sweden and english
Previous experiences:i have been a moderator on a deathrun ,prophunt and a starwarsrp server
How often would you be online during the week: 15 hour
Why would you like be a Team Member?
i see a lot off time the server has no moderator on and when thay are on thay usally focuse on the game not actully modearating i want to change that especially now when the server is geting more player im also a well know player in the community with lot off staff experience :3


Write something small about yourself.
im a 19 year old who loves too play game and talking with friends.
im a friendaly and nice person :3

Choose an answer for the following

How would you deal with a disrespectful player?
i wound first ask the person to stop being rude and if that does not work i wound gag/mute him and mayby give a warning/ or kick if it escalated

Spamming Chat/Microphone:tell them to stop first them gag/mute for the rest of the map
Someone is Trap Spamming: slay them instently and give them a warn if thay continue a kick or a ban if he come back and does it again
Avoiding Death: warning and a kick
Ghosting:kick and a or ban dont like ghosting :I
Someone is threatening the server: Insteanly a ban :3

Other Information:

Do you Accept the terms of the Rules? yes
Did you read rules and understand them? yes
Join our discord so you can have contact with all Team Members! https://discord.me/skillzworld