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my deathrun application

Boks, 9th May 2017, 8:11pm
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20th May 2017, 11:16amMay 20 2017
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i would be switching between PBear and deathrun
13th May 2017, 7:44amMay 13 2017
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wont it be very hard for you to be online at Deathrun and PBear because you have only 3-5 hours a week
10th May 2017, 1:45pmMay 10 2017
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I have seen you on server sometimes is nice and never broke any type of rule 1+ from me wish u a good luck!
9th May 2017, 9:50pmMay 09 2017
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I believe your app is good. You are a good mod on PBear. Also you are a genuine nice person to talk to. It's hard to be helping in two places at once, I understand. But it's a +1 because I think you definitely have what it takes. :D
9th May 2017, 8:49pmMay 09 2017
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the biggest question is for me
can you do 2 servers at the same time so yes its a +1
9th May 2017, 8:11pmMay 09 2017
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Steam name: Boks

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:61600589

Country: Norway

Age: 16

Time on Gmod: 1472

Language(s): Norwegian and english

How much time would you be online in 1 week: 4-5 hours maybe more in the weekends

previous experience: i am mod on PBear

Why do you want be a Team Member: you want me as a team member because i am nice and quick with helping other players

Why do we need you: you need to keep the server clean from rule breakers when no other staff is on


Someone is Trap Spamming: slap and tell them to stop, if they dont listen slay them and warn them

Avoiding being Death: tell them to play death if they dont warn them

Mic/Chat Spamming: tell them to be quiet, if they dont listen mute or gag them

How would you deal with a disrespectful player: tell him to stop being rude, if he doesnt listen mure or gag him

What is Ghosting? and give an example: ghosting is when someone is saying the location of someone to give someone a advantage. Example: Boks(dead): Nebula is running away

Someone is threatening the server: tell them to stop threatening the server and send a screenshot to a higher up


Do you Accept the terms of the Rules: yes i accept the terms of the rules

Did you read rules and understand them: yes i have read the rules and understand them

Do you agree on joining our discord so you can have contact with all staff: i agree to join the discord so i can communicate with staff

Do you agree on not spamming staff with this application you just made: yes i agree to not spam staff with my application

another player is asking what your job is how do you answer: my job is to keep the server friendly and free from rule breakers