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What to do with bhoppers?

S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen, 7th Jul 2019, 9:34pm
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25th Jul 2019, 1:29pmJul 25 2019
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Well, turns out I was wrong and Ko Nommie isn't B-hopping after all. Just very talented and was relying on skill alone. We made up and I bought Ko Nommie VIP after I lost a bet...XD

You guys can close this thread...
8th Jul 2019, 3:50pmJul 08 2019
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Well Dinosaur I also wondered where to put this thread before I wrote it. Whether to put it here or into Help/Support and I decided on ideas/suggestions.
I know its a hella long read, but sometimes you have to let that steam out or your brain gets cooked. I put a lot of thought in it and pondered it over and over, whether to write it down or just let it go. Mainly because it's a serious accusation and I also didn't want it to come off as just another whiny thread about me butt hurting over some player, who just happens to be better than me.
I know Ko Nommie is friendly and a fairly normal person and appears to be someone who genuinely cares. I also want you to know that I like him/her as a person too, and I'm not doing this accusation because I want to hurt him/her in any way. I'm doing it because I feel that I have a right to find out if he/she is cheating or not. However appearances can be deceiving. I already made the mistake of trusting someone to be a good person on the server and believing he was just joking when he wrote those comments.

I know that bhopping is nothing compared to what He Who Must Not Be Named did, but I didn't want to make the same mistake of not caring enough. After all keeping the rules is what makes the server going. New players are putted down enough by the fact that this game is kind of a pay to win scenario when it comes down evading the bear. You don't want to add to that feeling by letting someone play, who thinks the rules are just there for show.

Taking a video proof would be really hard to do as well. Mainly because I don't have a software to do it. Then there is the issue of lagging. While my net connection is fairly good it's not a guarantee that it will not lag while recording and playing at the same time. Then there is the issue of not knowing when to start recording. It's not like I can predict what time will Ko Nommie play again? Will I be selected to play as the **** while he/she is on? Will he/she decide to cheat again if I chase him/her? Will anyone be able to decide whether he/she is bhopping from the video if it's laggy or a poor quality? etc.

So I decide to let you guys do the dirty work.

I also wan't to apologize to Ko Nommie and you guys in case it turns out that I was mistaken and he/she didn't break the rules. Although I want to note that even if he/she will not appear to be guilty during the time you make your observation, that doesn't necessarily mean that he/she wasn't breaking the rules before that time.
7th Jul 2019, 11:14pmJul 07 2019
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Hey there again Peter!

I read through the whole story, and I must say, wow you put a lot of effort into this. First things first, when we see someone b-hopping we immediately take action, but if none of us is on, you can take a video or screenshot of someone rulebreaking (Ko Nommie did this already for example). But for now, we unfortunately can't do anything about Ko Nommie, since my experiences with him have only been good and friendly, I just don't see him rulebreaking. But we'll sure keep an eye on him the next time! Thanks Peter and have a nice day!

Kind regards,
Mikey (Mouse)
7th Jul 2019, 10:50pmJul 07 2019
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Thank you Peter for bringing this issue up, gotta admit that this is one hella long story.

We'll be investigating this issue and keeping a close eye on Ko nommie and take appropriate actions if found guilty, I'll keep this thread open for others to replay on and for you may you have something to add.

Also I feel like this kinda threads would better fit into the Help/Support category for the next time.
With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and all be banned.
I call that, mercy...
7th Jul 2019, 9:34pmJul 07 2019
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Hold on to your horses, this will be a TL,DR guys...

I know this shouldn't even be a topic as bhopping is against rules, but sadly some people just can't help cheating I guess. I don't talk about some random newcomers who forgot to read to rules or simply didn't realize he/she was actually bhopping. Because they sooner or later will fall into place and stop doing it.

It's about opportunistic people who seize the moment (as they say) when there is no Staff on the server and do bhopping. They actually get away with it because there is no way to prove it they were doing it. You can't just take a picture to prove it, like when you take a picture of people who are propsurfing.

The thing what bothers me about the most is the ridiculous excuses they come up with or when they try to explain it away, that what they did wasn't bhopping. Then there are the ones who just simply deny it to your face, then the next round they just rub it in by doing it again. Sometimes they do it even when there is staff on, but more carefully.

There were many times when there were staff on and I claimed that someone was doing it, but they couldn't do nothing, because if they themselves didn't see it, then they can't take action.

Most of the time I notice people doing bhopping is when I'm **** (obviously) or when I'm chased by one.
Although when I'm chased it's difficult to notice someone is doing it, because I don't have time to look behind whether they are really bhopping or not. BUT it's not hard to come to the conclusion that they must have bhopped, because despite the fact that you were running away with full stamina (jumping a lot to save the stamina longer) they still managed to catch me. Now I know that most of the time it can be explained away that they just jump faster than you or conserved their stamina more efficiently. The usual bs. Like I didn't know how to conserve my stamina after playing on the server for nearly 6 weeks. I mean come on.

I also would let it go if it only happened once or twice, but it happens a lot. Trust me it's not my ego that's speaking here. I'm not making up excuses because I'm feeling hurt, because someone bested me. I'm not that person. I am a grown man and can admit if I'm defeated. I maybe fake cry about it or write T-T in text chat, but that's it.

If I come off as frustrated it's because I am frustrated because all of this bhop nonsense and because the fact that I can't do **** about it. I can't just bottle it down anymore.
"This geenie wants out and Imma let it."

Guess you all waiting for names, like a long list or something. I have to dissapoint you though, as I currently there is only one I can name for sure. That's because all the others are not playing anymore (either because they were banned/permabanned or just stopped playing **** for good).

So the person in question is Ko Nommie. He or she (don't know the gender and didn't want to assume it) started to play around the beginning of May this year. Has no VIP, so doesn't have a VIP jump, but i assume he/she has a regular jump by now. Maybe that's why he/she sticked out, because if he/she was VIP I probably wouldn't have noticed it that easily.
Now I don't know how effective is normal jump, since I never had it myself, but i bet my ass it's nowhere as effective as the VIP jump or otherwise known as the super jump.
Yet he/she still manages to run away from me almost every time, despite me having a full stamina. And by running away I don't just mean that he/she is just an arm reach or several meters away, but actually leading by 10 or more meters and increasing, despite us starting from the same point. He/she is still running away by the same speed long after I run out of stamina. He/she can run away from me the same after claiming that he/she has no stamina left.
No default, no matter how skilled can do this unless he/she is bhopping.

There was a round when I played as a **** with Printing.... as my co-**** (not counting that Printing... would remember it, because I'm sure it was just an every day run in the mill for him and he generally doesn't seem to be bothered by anything really). Now I'm sure that I don't have to tell you that Printing.... is like one of the best players. We were playing on Life Center. We almost catched everyone. A few default players were hiding elsewhere around the map. We had still more than 3 minutes left after Print.... and me catched all the VIPs. Even the best ones without much difficulty. So I spotted Ko Nommie in the distance and started to generally head that direction, not using my stamina at first, because I knew I would need it all to catch this player. Wasn't my first rodeo either. Default's can be surprisingly slippy. Especially Ko Nommie. I had my mic on so I told Printing that I was chasing this player down and he said ok. Then after I almost expanded all my stamina running after Ko Nommie I called for Printing....'s help. He was glad to help as always. So I waited for him, while I regained my stamina. We had probably 2 minutes left, not knowing that we would almost need all that time to succeed. So we started chasing Ko Nommie together. Doing the old herding technique where one would try to chase the the prey towards the other ****. After this failing a few times we tried to take Ko Nommie head on, but he easily run away even from Printing...
Obviously this was Printing.... so he wasn't phased by all this and just kept on it, so did I. Then we finally managed to trap Ko Nommie by the staircase. We had like 30 seconds left so me and Printing.... called forth all our skills and willpower and combined it with such fervor and desperation that we finally managed to catch Ko Nommie with a few seconds left to spare which I spent with a victory dance and shouting a loud Fucking Finally in the mic which Printing...only commented with a simple XD.

After that victory Ko Nommie silently disappeared for a while and I hadn't seen him/her until about a few weeks ago. Maybe he/she was playing in other times of the day or when I was working. Recently he/she became more active again after this Yari/Vlad incident. I just played with him/her on the server before I wrote this tome and he/she is at it again...Bhopping away from me and other ****s every time. Nobody can even get close to catching him/her, especially if there is just 1 ****. I can count how many times I catched him/her on one hand.
Most of the time I don't even care about chasing him/her because it's just a waste of time and I would just get winded up for nothing, for an F-ing video game. Not worth it, especially when I have a life and other more meaningful things to worry about...

So I decided to just write it down. I'm not sure if anything can be done about it except maybe trying to watch him/her if he/she is doing it every time or just on occasion.
I maybe made the mistake to call him/her out on this matter, so I bet he/she will be more cautious about this and will deny everything, because he/she knows he/she can. Because there is no proof just my word, which is only worth something to somebody who knows me.
I also want to let you know I'm not hoping anything to come from this. It's entirely up to you if you want to address this or not or whether you find this player guilty or not.

So I just leave it in your capable hands.