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Map Suggestion, Hollywood Holocaust

Cliffy Byro, 31st May 2019, 3:19pm
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4th Jun 2019, 6:34pmJun 04 2019
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Yes the default gravity is 600. That is if you don't have any jump packs.

In the past I was searching for jump pack addons for single player map tests and I only found one. I wrote to the guy that created it if he could pass me the files so I could use it in single player, but he told me that he doesn't want to give it away even if I paid for it.

So I kept searching for ways to increase my jump powers in single player and that's when I stumbled upon the sv_gravity command. I immediately began to experiment with it. I also learned that in single player the default gravity is 600, as you said.

However after careful observation of how this gravity manipulation works I came to the conclusion that the jump and super jump power ups we have in SW are not something that SW created specifically for the **** server, but instead just the implementation of this gravity modifier. So when you buy super jump your gravity gets set lower, around 440-450. That's the closest estimate I was able to deduce from experimenting with gravity manipulation.

Of course I could be wrong and maybe SW really has it's own power up created specifically for the server, but I'm pretty sure it's just gravity manipulation.

Three things made me sure that I'm right about it:
The first one was when one of the Admins changed the gravity in the Lego map. It was a while ago, so I don't remember if it was Krul or Momma Motherland or someone else ( and it doesn't really matter who was it). The thing that matters is that when it got changed we were able to jump higher. Then I opened the console to see what command was used and it was sv_gravity. Surprise, surprise. Or should I say quelle surprise. XD The fact that while the gravity was set lower defaults were able to super jump as well only further confirmed my suspicion. The second thing was the script itself and how it interfered with certain mods, for example the minion mod. I looked it up and learned that certain scripts can interfere or create script errors and how it connects to LUA and some other things that are not really important in this matter.
The third thing is kind of an enigma and could be just written up as disinterest or he was just really busy to answer. You see, I asked one of the Core members (I think it was either Cookies or Coala) if he could tell me what is the exact sv_gravity setting of a player with super jump. I got no answer. This no answer led me to two things: The first one was that he was just too busy to answer and later just forgot that I asked at all. The second one was that I was bang on and he just didn't want to confirm my suspicion.

Anyhow the map is a go for me and I hope it gets added too.

Edited,4th Jun 2019, 6:41pm
4th Jun 2019, 1:37pmJun 04 2019
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S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen - Wrote

Tested the map with super jump (low gravity, sv_gravity 440, which is around the same gravity give or take that VIPs have on SW).

The sv_gravity I'm pretty sure is just 600 (which is the default).

I will try and get this map pushed forward, I have liked this map and I played it before.
I don't know if it will get accepted, but I hope it does. ~
4th Jun 2019, 1:12pmJun 04 2019
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Yeah it's a really good map and it doesn't really have many places to sit on which would be nice to have occasionally as some of the other maps can get tedious with all the platforms to go on but hopefully it gets added and appreciate the feedback Peter!!
2nd Jun 2019, 1:01amJun 02 2019
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Tested the map with super jump (low gravity, sv_gravity 440, which is around the same gravity give or take that VIPs have on SW). Well, it's good and bad. The good things it's playable as is. Might want to remove a ****ton of crates though from one of the rooms adjacent to the movie theater, near where the map exit used to be in the Duke Nukem game. The bad thing it feels really empty and kind of blank to be honest. Not many VIP places either. None in fact if you doesn't consider defaults with no jump powers. But for VIP it's all too easy to get to anywhere they want. So no safe zones for VIPs if the **** is one too. Guess that makes the map rely you on pure skills though, so it might be fun to those that want the thrill of the chase. Don't get me wrong I love it too, but sometimes I just want to play it safe and watch **** from a distance as he gets to those poor hapless defaults without the fancy jumps. XD
1st Jun 2019, 2:05pmJun 01 2019
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A Duke Nukem map exists? I'm sold! (Map looks good and brings back memories, would love to see it too)
31st May 2019, 9:55pmMay 31 2019
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Nyan - Wrote

I'm sure this was already on skillzworld at some point, but it got removed.

oh, ok well don't remember completely
31st May 2019, 9:23pmMay 31 2019
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I'm sure this was already on Skillzworld at some point, but it got removed.
Edited,4th Jun 2019, 1:50pm
31st May 2019, 9:00pmMay 31 2019
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Yes. Its on the other server too. I actually played it there many times and would love to see it on Skillz World too. I would like to try out if I can get to places that I couldn't get to on that other server.
31st May 2019, 6:18pmMay 31 2019
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The other **** server have this map. It would be interesting if this map would be add on the SkillzWorld server.
31st May 2019, 3:19pmMay 31 2019
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A map i seen on Redline ages ago but it was a favourite so thought i'd put it in as a suggestion.