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"Fixing" Mega Bear (Why? Is it broken?-Yes! XD)

S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen, 29th May 2019, 8:28pm
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29th May 2019, 8:28pmMay 29 2019
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In the Mega bear event the **** should have a bigger hit box. Like 2 times bigger than it currently has. Vertically and horizontally. It would make more sense and would "compensate" for the time lost when it gets stuck in places.

MAD, Broken idea:
Also, but it's just optional and might be not possible to implement: The **** should be able to slap himself (limited to 1 slap) when it gets stuck in case there is no staff on the server at the time. Or the **** should be auto slapped by the server if it notices that the **** is stuck.