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Map Suggestion-ZS _Onett

S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen, 29th May 2019, 8:14pm
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20th Jul 2019, 11:14pmJul 20 2019
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I really want this map too, but we'll see Peter!
17th Jul 2019, 4:07pmJul 17 2019
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Come on guys...Just add it already!!!
2nd Jun 2019, 2:41amJun 02 2019
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Yeah, the pictures doesn't really give justice to how good this map is.

So basically the map is the same, but with some changes.

The main change is that you can actually enter all of the houses. Most of them are doublestorey houses, that have an upper floor above the main floor, accessible by stairs. The stairs are wide too. There are lots of props too, so as Mikey said there are precautions need to be taken to prevent prop blocking. There are also cars present on this map too, but can be removed I guess. Just like they did it on FY_Onett.
However they might not have to, because the entire upper section of the map (The cliffs) is sealed off by invisible walls. So people cant jump up there. You can jump to houses too with those cars, I guess and it might cause more **** deaths. So they can remove the cars for all I care. However they can easily test it and decide for themselves if they want to remove them or not.

The only other insignificant changes I found is that there is no hidden room behind that painting near the road. There are some additional road signs in the front road and in the back. Apart from that its mostly the same map. I can send you some pictures maybe if you want me to, but you can check it out yourself too to see if everything checks out. Hope it will get added. It really brings a most needed change to that map.

PS: Might want to leave some props movable, because the windows are breakable and can be used for a quick escape, which is a bonus in a game centered on running from a rape bear. XD

Edited,2nd Jun 2019, 2:46am
1st Jun 2019, 4:08pmJun 01 2019
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May have to remove/freeze some props then, cause I can see a lot of propblocking happen already. But man, I like this version, would love to see it too!
31st May 2019, 11:25pmMay 31 2019
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I think this would be a good thing. I would, however, like to see more of this map and I don't see many changes in the screenshots.
31st May 2019, 11:04pmMay 31 2019
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And the other "good thing" that I found out while testing this map is that the entire upper section is walled off with invisible walls, so you can't get up there with those cars.
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
29th May 2019, 11:48pmMay 29 2019
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Nice, I like this one!
One thing, put your suggestion on one post, it would be more easy to read and don't have to leave on scroll until the other post... so when you have suggestions put every of them on one post.
And if you want add more suggestion then click on the comments and add others if ya want. Trust me, that would be better and more easy to answer ;D
29th May 2019, 8:14pmMay 29 2019
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New onett map with enterable houses ( In case the current onett map doesn't get those sweet ladders)
You can disable the cars if you like...XD