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Ladders for Fy Onett map (Cookies don't TLDR or ignore!)

S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen, 29th May 2019, 8:11pm
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29th May 2019, 8:11pmMay 29 2019
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I know that Cookies will still ignore this though...T-T He is so stubborn on these kind of things...Cookies: Change is good! XD

Anyway what I would like to suggest is to add ladders to the Fy Onett map, so players could access the upper section. It doesn't make the map overpowered, no matter how you try to try to explain it away. Onett was the favorite map of almost everyone and they are very disappointed that you guys removed the cars, even if they don't come here and say it to your face like I am. Anyway please explain how is adding ladders would make this map any more OP than it already is? Everyone could use the ladders, even defaults too. If you concerned about **** coverage, then simply add more ****s. So instead of one or two **** let there be 4 **** on onett each round. Well except if there is less than 5 people, because 4 **** for 1 person would be too much. I always wanted to suggest that big maps should have more ****s. The number of ****s should not only depend on player count, but how big the actual map is. For example big maps like Onett, Waterworld, Plaza and Kakariko, Terminal etc. should have 3-4 ****s. Smaller ones like Krusty Krab, Parallax etc. should have 2-3 ****s. Small ones like Little Garden, Office 221 etc. Should have 1-2 ****s.

So if you change your mind then you should add these 4 or more ladders to the following locations. 1) Ladder: On the left side of the Smash Bros poster (the one which has the small hiding space behind it). 2) Ladder: On the right hand side of the big billboard near the underpass. 3) Ladder: Opposite side ( lining up) with Ladder 2 3) Ladder: Opposite side ( lining up) with Ladder 1 .

Also I found a map called ZS Onett (made for Zombie survival originally), but perfectly good for **** bear also, where almost all the houses( if not all) are enterable. Doesn't need extra textures besides CS Source. I will add it to the map suggestions too: