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I found 5 Very cute maps, please check them :-)

❥Sayuri❥, 12th Dec 2018, 9:20pm
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10th Jun 2019, 3:07pmJun 10 2019
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The de_dolls map I know very well since I played it on A**** many times. I think they still have it. It's a nice map and I liked it. It has high places, so a lot of potential fall damage can kill you if you are not cautious. However that's also true for many other maps so it's a +1 from me.

The toytown map looks good too.

Bikinibottom: We already have the Krusty Krab, which in my honest opinion is very overplayed. This looks suspiciously the same as the small Krusty Krab we had in the past (I think it was before your time Sayuree, so you might not remember it, but correct me if I'm wrong), then it got removed for some reason ("wink, wink ") . This must be some other version though. I think I played it some time ago in single player and it indeed felt too small. Not many places to go if you are a default without jump pack, not that I care about defaults...XD

Peaches Castle: I would add it instead of Bobomb Battleground. Bobomb Battleground is a very dangerous map because of the cannons. I don't know why it even got added. They have Bobomb on A**** too, but it's playable there only because they have a permanent power up that cancels all fall damage. Besides not many people know about the heart on the hillside that replenishes the players life. Also they disabled every bonus area and enemy that could potentially kill you. (Chainchomp and King Bobomb).

Halloween house. It's a good map. I would add it either instead of Md_Clue or Mansion fever. Those maps s*ck ass. No offense.

Edited,10th Jun 2019, 3:24pm
8th Jun 2019, 3:12pmJun 08 2019
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First off I want to apologise that this is only being re-looked over 6 months later. I will try and get round everyones suggestions.
I will give my feedback in order. If I have missed anything, I am sure people can correct me as I have bumped the thread.

The map is decent, it would definitely be a map for when more players are active (around 20-30). In my opinion, after looking around and also free roaming, I think this map is too large.
I noticed there was quite a bit of weapon's, which can be removed.
Lots of teleporters around the map. Example: inside the castle, secret parts and on the roof. I think there is also a part which you spawn and you can't access the rest of the map. You may be able to get to the teleporter with the jump pack, so I won't overrule it.

Not much I can say about this map. I submitted this map again in early 2019, along with gm_bobomb_battlefield_a3 and gm_supermarioworld. It got denied.

Although this map has no faults/errors and is quite cute. This map is quite small. It seems very bland (no offence). Not many hiding spots or places to go. No props or objects, apart from some jellyfish.

Didn't see much wrong with this map. It is decently sized. Nicely designed. Looks very similar to another map that is played on the server. I like how there are many hiding spots and places to go. Same again, some props would typically need to be frozen, due to the player/bear taking damage. Overall, this map seems good! :)

Other than getting one Lua error at the start of this map (that can be fixed), everything seemed good. Some of the props in the house might need to be frozen because of prop blockers. This map is small but not too small, it contains some quirky things, which I like. I believe it would be a fun map to play on. I'm sure I have played the map either on this in redline or a****. I would definitely like to see this on the server!

Edited,8th Jun 2019, 3:13pm
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
24th Dec 2018, 11:09pmDec 24 2018
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Thank you for suggesting these maps ill take a look at them and add them as soon as possible
12th Dec 2018, 9:20pmDec 12 2018
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Hello people :) Like the title says i found 5 cute maps which can be used for the p-bear mode. Only the mario castle map is a bit too big but maybe you have a idea for that problem. The other maps are quite good in my opinion. I would be glad if they get added somewhen. Here you go:


(Epic! original super mario castle!)


(Teenroom number 2, for girls, looks very nice)


(Cute Bikinibottom)


(Toy town) maybe a bit too small or it's fine? u must decide


(A very nice spooky map it was on the first p-bear server back then)

Greetings, Sayuri