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Please Re-add the "original" Kaigawa High School Remastered map!

S.Peter'86ShadowDragonLoliQueen, 8th Aug 2019, 9:22pm
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19th Aug 2019, 10:37pmAug 19 2019
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Might have to forward this to the admin chat, even I have problems with it. I love the map, but if it doesn't work for some players it must be fixed or removed. Thanks Peter <3
(Send us/me the link of the map you found asap so we can test it)

Kind regards,
Mikey Mouse

Edited,19th Aug 2019, 10:41pm
15th Aug 2019, 4:21pmAug 15 2019
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Never mind...Found it...Actually it's somewhat better than expected, but I still miss the old one...T-T
15th Aug 2019, 3:59pmAug 15 2019
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Still can't play the map... It simply won't load in.. It still says my version is different from the server's version. Is there a place I could download the new, butchered version?
8th Aug 2019, 9:22pmAug 08 2019
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I wasn't sure where to post this, but I bet I posted it in the wrong section...Sue me!

So a few days ago when I was playing and the map change menu came up we all chose Kaigawa High School Remastered. (My 2nd favourite map.) So Kaigawa Remastered was the winning map and it started to load up. Then suddenly while loading I got the error message: Your version of the map differs from the one on the server. I was like what the ****? I messaged BroccoliBirb and Mikey. Mikey said that he has the same problem. Broccoli said he managed to load in somehow. He told me that the map has been altered and lot of the buildings were either removed or replaced with something else. I don't know who did this or why, but it was a bad decision. Since then the map only came up twice (that I am aware of) and both times it gave me the same error message, so I wasn't able to play it. I asked about the map when I was playing today and I was told by Dankyy that they removed it for now until it gets fixed.
Well, that's why I am here. Because I want you guys to re-add it in it's original form and not in that butchered form my friend Broccoli described it was the last time he saw it.