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Discord Banned

-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/, 17th Feb 2020, 2:23am
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18th Feb 2020, 6:34pmFeb 18 2020
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Ban revoked.

With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and all be banned.
I call that, mercy...
17th Feb 2020, 9:13pmFeb 17 2020
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Hi lazy,

I can basically agree with Dankyy on this one, even tho Dizlin had his reason to ban you. But even so I am giving this a +1.

Kind regards,
A man that feels mad
17th Feb 2020, 7:04pmFeb 17 2020
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Hi Lazy.

I see no issue in un-banning you and giving you another chance, especially since others have been un-banned from the discord in the past who did much worse. Plus considering you were a active member of the community and staff member in the past, I'll give this appeal a +1.

However, I was not staff during this ban so I am probably missing some details myself. Since Dizlin gave the ban and probably had his reasons for doing so, I think re-opened dialogue between the two of you would be a good idea in resolving any outlying issues. Good luck!
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-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
Trusted Trial
-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
Trusted Trial
17th Feb 2020, 2:23amFeb 17 2020
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Your Discord Tag: TheLazyScrub#4828
Game Mode: Discord

Why do you think you got banned?: I was banned for sending a Gif in the general chat
Who Banned you?: Dizlin
What was the reason stated upon ban?: No reason it was very abrupt
Ban duration?: Perm

Explain what happened:I was banned on Skillzworld's Discord server for sending a gif, i was just chatting with friends in the server and tried to be funny i guess. And Dizlin did not like what i sent. I even tried to get in contact with Dizlin the day it happens (11/24/19) and i sent 5 messages and i go no message back from him what so ever
Tell us why you should get unbanned: Nowhere in the rules does it say that it is forbidden to send them. Furthermore, I was given no warning before the ban. These are the reasons for why I believe the ban was unjust.