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A big request (unban)

Jojorico898, 30th Oct 2019, 4:44pm
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11th Nov 2019, 10:51amNov 11 2019
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We've come to a final conclussion.

I wasn't here the time it happend and your ban was issued, therefore I don't know what really happend and have to put my trust into the team, based off what has been mentioned and discussed I'm sorry to inform you that your appeal has been denied.

Unless solid proof can be provided proving the claims to be wrong, the case might be re-opened

Thread closed
New phone who dis?
10th Nov 2019, 9:01pmNov 10 2019
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Hey, Jojorico898

Just wanted to let you know that your appeal is still being discussed and there's no definite result on it yet, you'll hear from us as soon we're done discussing the matter.
New phone who dis?
6th Nov 2019, 5:53pmNov 06 2019
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Im glad that good guys like u are there ^^
but i think the staffs would ignore my unban appeal :C
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
1st Nov 2019, 2:38pmNov 01 2019
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To be honnest I would vote to be unbanned

Why : Osya loved you as you were and you don't wanted do bad things to her. It was love, not abuse. You didn't abuse her/asking nudes/being weird to her. If it was the case we consider that to **** but it was clearly not. You show her your attention, your heart. Here my definition for **** -> Abuse an underage person by asking always nudes and only to be excite by the physic. So it was not really calling ****. Even thought you are underage too xD So I would give you a second chance.
30th Oct 2019, 4:44pmOct 30 2019
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Haiiiiii Skillzteam ^^

I want to say at first Sorry about what happend in the past, but the reason why i got banned is totally wrong.
Im NOT ****phile, i just wanted that she stop with cutting herself and being depressed because its not ok in that age or?
The reason why i didnt stop when the others staffs told me it is i didnt knew if she gets back depressed and i dont wanted that she gets back there.
One of the Cores checked in the past the chat and said its ok, i said never something pervert to her because i knew that she is too young.
If u guys really want to know who i really love then u can ask me privat.

Skillzworld was like an second home for me, I played every day there to escape the Real life and i was mostly all the time happy to play there.
I really like most guys there and they helped me all the time if i had a problem or if i was sad and i helped them too.
I just want to help others to make them happy and fun with all my friends again :3

i beg u Guys, Please give me an second chance
I would do Everything to get unbanned