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Cant delete/edit old post 1 more last try then:i got banned

, 5th Jul 2019, 11:32am
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5th Jul 2019, 1:17pmJul 05 2019
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I was checking on your previous bans and the records we have about you. I was about to approve the ban appeal until i found the chat spam of yours last evening and the record of why you were banned in the first place.

While i appreciate your effort to solve this is the way you act on a server an absolute no go. For example the things you said about other peoples mothers and the excessive use of homophobic language is not tolerated on the server.

Your unban appeal has been denied.

We might remove your ban in the future or approve another unban appeal but not within 2019.
5th Jul 2019, 1:16pmJul 05 2019
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Thank you for listening and appealling the correct way this time, while your format still is messy compared to how it should be used I think it will suffice this time.

We could confirm parts of your story, mostly the 2 year part and recent unban/ban you've received. But the ban several days ago was for spamming and racism, within a day you received your unban, this makes me doubt if you actually learned something from it like you said. - I'll keep my vote for myself for the time being and I'll wait for other staff members to voice their opinions about your appeal.
With all six stones I can simply snap my fingers and all be banned.
I call that, mercy...

5th Jul 2019, 11:32amJul 05 2019
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So my nickname is ๋ so invisible.my steam id is 76561198060492271.And i got banned on ****.
So around 2 years ago i think i got banned for sayin the n word with b instead of an N so nib like that.Why did i do it? somebody in voice chat said say the n word with b and i remember the map too:The earthbound town map.So i said the n word with b bcs i thought its not with g so its already censored so its ok.i got banned.So then couple days ago there was a ban spree and my friend noticed me on that and i used that to get unbanned bcs i already tried in the steam group chat to get support,and Lord of cookies answered to go on the forum and do an unban appeal.So i tried the forum and i couldnt login whatever i tried so i just gave up but still asked in the group for more help bcs i couldnt log in but nobody answered.So then i got the message from my friend that the ban spree happened and i got in contact with mikey bcs i never saw him in the old days as an admin or player so i thought he was a pretty new admin and asked him to get unbanned.So then i got unbanned played with some friends again had fun etc.So then mike found out i got banned 2 years ago for racism.I was upset i got banned that time bcs i found my best friend till today on that server and were on there before like 2 years already and i lost all that progress etc.This story may be jumpy between 2 years ago and the couple days ago.But i hope i get a unban even if its like 1 warn =ban or something so i can atleast play.I learned my lesson and hope i get a good answer and maybe get a unban and advice what i could do better.

- ๋