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PowerUps Suggestions

✫SilverMonster✫, 27th Oct 2017, 12:49pm
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27th Oct 2017, 4:04pmOct 27 2017
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I have other idea But I think it's impossible :
-run faster
-become 10% smaller player normal and 20% for vip
-anti fall (only vip) ---> you don't lose a hp when you fall
-anti fire (only vip) ---> you don't lose a hp when you burn

I hope this suggestions you will like.
27th Oct 2017, 12:49pmOct 27 2017
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1)Increased endurance (vip) and small increase in endurance. It's you who see the amount of the increase.
2)The Map : The player have mini map.
3)Greater apnea : +20% for normal player and +40% for vip
4)Have a powerful flashlight
5)increased hp : +25 hp for normal players and +50 hp for vip