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skmo, 24th Aug 2012, 8:45pm
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28th Aug 2012, 4:52pmAug 28 2012
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ya, as soon as everything is working as it should, we will let the panel take control of it
24th Aug 2012, 10:10pmAug 24 2012
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climb cant be added to panel since we are still "debugging it"
we are running it in a special screen so we can see log at any time. There we can see what wad files etc.. are missing

However, as soon as the server is stable we will put it back into the panel i think :o)

ftp details uh would have to look em up :x
24th Aug 2012, 8:45pmAug 24 2012
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lost my connex details to ftp the servers,so can someone pass them on to me please, also can climb be added to game x panel ta :)