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skmo, 14th Sep 2012, 3:31pm
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25th Feb 2017, 11:26amFeb 25 2017
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I played this a couple of years ago, good to see them still working on it and I hope they add Xen at some point, it wouldn't be a complete half life experience without the final chapter. I don't really get why people go trough so much trouble to meticulously remake games in other engines. It's still the same game just with fancier graphics. If they did something new like the black mesa incident trough another perspective as gearbox did it would be a unique experience and something new. These guys are really talented so I know they could pull it off.
14th Sep 2012, 3:31pmSep 14 2012
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So you played half life 1 the original game? loved it hated it?, well today is the day that the remake and revision of it is released hl1 all sexeh and sourced up :)


this is a FREE modifacation of the original hl1 and can be sourced on Steam, it looks really good, seen a few youtubes of trailers and i cant wait, at time of posting this, release is about 80 mins away head over and dl it :)