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English Only Rule Edit!!! IMPORTANT

LordofCookies, 18th Sep 2017, 3:50pm
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18th Sep 2017, 3:50pmSep 18 2017
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this is mostly important for Staff Members!!

We are not going to be so restrictive with the English rule, people can use non english in chat and a minimal in voice, as long as other people doesnt get annoyed by it

so people can speak in a other language as long its not alot.
you can still tell them we perfer English

(this is for players)
you still get warned for speaking non english IF:
-saying the n word in your own language
-saying other bad words in your own language
-talking way to much in your own language
-talking about other players in your own language

we will remove your speaking powers if your abusing this new Rule update

have a great day
~Lord of Cookies