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Map release [Surf_ez]

VancoldGH, 3rd Sep 2016, 9:06am
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10th Sep 2016, 1:43pmSep 10 2016
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goob job on your first map. very fun expect jump 7 I have to cheat it.
4th Sep 2016, 4:43pmSep 04 2016
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Very good map it will teach the basics of ramping to everyone and will make them practice so they can perfect their jumps.
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
3rd Sep 2016, 9:06amSep 03 2016
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Hey guys!

surf_ez, my first map, is now online on the SW climb server :)
Difficulty: 55

Just play the map and tell me what you think about it :)

Have a nice day