Pedobear Trusted Appliction
29th Sep 2018, 4:02pm
PBear: Moderator
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2018-09-29 16:02:48
Information about you:

Steam ID: STEAM_0:1:151977123
Steam Nickname: Lillylein
Name (Optional): Lilly Or Fabienne Or Mercedes (What you prefer)
Sex (Optional): Female
Country: Germany
Age: 14
Current time on Garry's Mod: 2520h (Stand 29.9.2018, 00:54 am)
Current time on Skillzworld ( you need 3 days ): 3 Days and 10min or something
Language(s): German,English and a little bit french
Previous experiences as staff: I was Admin on more SWRP servers AND a little time i was Test-Admin on APedobear and im Super donater admin on Furious Pedobear (this server is unactive)
Staff member that suggested to apply (Optional): Nobody

How often would you be online during the week?: 1-10 Hours daily

Why would you like be a Team Member?: I'm want stop the rule break and help the team! I saw more person got Isults for nothing i dont like to see this and want show this rule breakers that it have to stop!

Write something small about yourself
My hobbies: Drive Bike, Play videogames, enjoy anime and help other person
Fav Games: Garry's Mod,Solohgames,Mario games ^^(bearbeitet)
--------------------------------------------- Choose an answer for the following issues

How would you deal with a Disrespectful player?: Tell him to stop, if he dont stop after 3x i say Stop. I'll gag/mute him. if he connecting on the following map ill give him a real warn.

How would you deal with a Microphone/Chat Spammer? Tell him stop and if he dont care or dont listen me ill gag him

How would you deal with someone Ghosting?: Tell him stop ghosting its not fair to others

How would you deal with someone being in a VIP spot in the last minute of the round?: first Slap->saying "come Down!"->if he connecte another slap->Again say come down->still connect slay

How would you deal with someone Prop Surfing?: Tell them stop and try remove the prob if they connect warn
What would you do if someone is threatening the server?: Make a clip and send at high ranks or ask someone with high rang to join.

A Russian player that uses text/voice chat left the Russian channel and joins the English chat: Tell him go back if he speak russia, if he dont stop-> Force him back in russian

A rule breaker avoids staff with going into a different chat (Russian or English chat): Warn him

A player mutes and ignores a staff member how would you react?: Write him on !p or normal chat if he still dont care ill warn him and if he connecting after ill kick him

You see another staff member abuse he/her powers or the server: I would record this and show it to high ranks

A player starts saying the n word on the server: instand mute/gag if he start over again on the other maps -> warn

How would you react if someone is time farming on the server?: Slap->Slap->He/she dont start move->Kick if he/she come back and start again ->warn


Terms and Rules

Do accept the terms of the rules?: Yes
Did you read the rules and understod them?: Yes
As Staff of the server we ask active members on Discord, and on the server will you be motivated enough?: Yes ofc I'll!
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2018-09-29 16:07:09
Ehh well, Sorry for i wrote more things wrong xDD
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2018-09-29 19:51:16
Hey Lilly, thanks for applying.

For mic/chat spamming: If they continue to spam next map, then you can warn them here, just as you wrote in disrespecting part.

For VIP-spot: If they continue after verbal warnings, and you slay them, then you may warn them as well.
This goes for all rules, if you've given verbal warns and they continue. You can warn them using the command, and in more severe cases like trolling you can resort to either kick (or ban) depending on the situation.

For the n-word: You can give a warning the first time as well.

For timefarming: Yes, if you're completely sure they are time farming and/or has been doing it a couple of rounds/maps.

The app is a little bit flawed, and by that I mean not fleshed out in some scenarios, as I have written some above. However, you mention you have experience and seem to understand what to do.
I want to give you a chance at becoming a trusted, so I'll give you +1, good luck!
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2018-09-30 21:06:21
Hey Lilly, thanks for applying.
Despite some flaws, your application is quite good, and I'd personally give you a chance to be part of the staff, since your past experiences. +1 from me, good luck.
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2018-09-30 21:07:08
Hey lilly,thanks for applying. As Raiken pointed out,your application has some flaws,but you seem to know what you need to do in certain situations. and you have been staff on other servers as you pointed out. I think you deserve a chance to be part of the staff,so its a +1 from me. Good luck.
-vG- The Lazy Scrub :/
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2018-09-30 21:15:16
Hey there Lilly, it's great to see that you're applying but there are a few things wrong with your application that was already said in Raiken's post above and that your scenarios are a bit on the short side. and for that im going to have to stay neutral but best of luck to you
Moma Motherland
Head Administrator
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2018-09-30 21:34:30
Hi Lilly thanks for the application. After reading through your application there are some faults. For example, I believe you are being a bit to lenient when it comes to the amount of verbal warnings you are giving people. However, I have noticed recently that you have been pinging staff on discord when there are rule breakers which is very good. Overall though I do believe that the faults within your app can be quite easily fixed as they were quote minor. So for all these reasons, I believe you are worthy of a trial and I shall give you a +1 GL <33
The Murderer :D
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2018-09-30 21:37:59
Haiii Lily!
the staff has commented and given you feedback on your app, from the votes given i would like to welcome you to the team!
you will be on your trial of VIP Trusted which if you pass you will move to Moderator, good luck and any questions, please contact higher ups!