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Koteburr's PBear Application

ᶄớ†ęƀữřŗ, 3rd Jan 2019, 9:10pm
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16th Feb 2019, 4:37pmFeb 16 2019
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@jsayers1994 Look
6th Jan 2019, 11:48amJan 06 2019
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Warns are not like tattoos i would really like to see you as staff, you sad your warns are from November well that is a long time ago i would like to see you try again soon just keep up the good behaviour and show on the server that the staff can trust you
5th Jan 2019, 11:38pmJan 05 2019
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your feedback shows that you will not be granted a weeks trial as vip trusted. Sorry. You can reapply in 2 weeks if you choose to do so
5th Jan 2019, 10:20amJan 05 2019
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Alright, gonna make it real QUICK. Your app seems rushed, kicking is not always a solution to the problems plus I need to take your warnings into consideration. Sorry, but I must give you -1
4th Jan 2019, 3:50pmJan 04 2019
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ooof, I feel crushed :"3♥
I just wanted to try it, okaay...all warns like tattoos :"3♥
4th Jan 2019, 3:44pmJan 04 2019
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Hello Koteburr

A good chunk of this app felt rushed as you resorted to kicking on nearly every possible situation (A Kick Would Do nothing to a threat as the player can easily come back on if there is no ban.) Your warn situation is not good either as you have one for prop block and one for **** avoid. So I will have to give you a -1 sorry, but good luck.
4th Jan 2019, 2:05pmJan 04 2019
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Thank you♥, I see - I have no chance. How to delete my Application? Dx
4th Jan 2019, 1:50pmJan 04 2019
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Hello ᶄớ†ęƀữřŗ, thank you for your application!

So, looking at the scenarios, like Krul already said, you always resort to kicking, other than that the app seems to be fine, as mentioned you have 2 warns.

You have also been seen breaking some rules in the past, I will give you a -1.

I wish you the best of luck~

Edited,4th Jan 2019, 4:17pm
4th Jan 2019, 9:16amJan 04 2019
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My last warn was on 8th of November, but thank you for your wishes!❤
4th Jan 2019, 9:01amJan 04 2019
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Hello Koteburr, thanks for applying. The mistake that I've seen or your application more is the fact that you always resort to kicking. You can simply stop to warning them. For the rest it seems pretty much correct. However, you have 2 warns on the server, so I don't fully trust you. I'm sorry but it's a -1 from me. Good luck.