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Deathrun Application Template

LordofCookies, 4th Apr 2017, 3:25pm
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4th Apr 2017, 3:25pmApr 04 2017
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Skillzworld Deathrun Application


Information about you:

Steam ID:
Steam Nickname:

Current time on Garry's Mod:
Time on the server: (you need 3 days)
Previous experiences:
How often would you be online during the week?
Why would you like be a Team Member?


Write something small about yourself.


Choose an answer for the following

How would you deal with a disrespectful player?

Spamming Chat/Microphone:
Someone is Trap Spamming:
Avoiding Death:
Someone is threatening the server:

Other Information:

Do you Accept the terms of the Rules?
Did you read rules and understand them?
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