Pedobear Ideas/Suggestions
1st Apr 2018, 10:39pm
1st Apr 2018, 10:39pm
Hi!! I’ve been playing on the pedobear server for a few months now and I really enjoy the server, but I had some ideas to help try and make the server even more fun than it already is. Ive noticed that some servers have more accessories/hats in their pointshops, which I thought some players would enjoy having to customize their playermodels more. I have also seen some other pedobear servers that have trails in their pointshops, I just thought that some trails could be fun at times for people. I have listed some ideas that I have for hats/accessories and trails listed below:

Hats/Accessories -
GMod Tower: Accessories Pack -

Trails -
3D Trails -
Modern Trails for Pointshop -
Nyan Cat -
The BEST Trail Ever -
Cloud Trail -
Rainbow Trail -
Fire Trail -
Lightning -
Music Notes Trail -

I also have found some playermodels that I think people playing on the server would like, I know that there are a lot of playermodels on the server to get already but I think a lot of people would enjoy some new ones to save up for and earn! I’ve also seen other servers allow people to earn and/or buy a reserved skin that they could pick out for themselves. Here are some skins that I have found just as some ideas for new skins:

Playermodels -
Murasame -
Shigure -
Yuudachi Kai Ni -
Kashima -
Chiaki Nanami -
Mahiru Koizumi -
Maki Harukawa -
Tenko Chabashira -
Kaede Akamatsu -
Chihiro Fujisaki -
Celestia Ludenburg -
Tda Vocaloid 4 Pack Cute Girls -
Yuno Gasai -
Renri Yamine -
Infinite Miku -
Pastel Rainbow Miku -
Yowane Haku -
Megpoid Gumi Append -
Classic Luka -
Classic IA -
Kasane Teto Classic -
Future Style Rin -
Tda Monochrome Miku -
Purple Heart -

I have also found these vocaloid playermodels that are made as admins and thought that they could possibly be used as admin/higher-up staff playermodels if people like them:
Luka Admin -
Miku Admin -

Here are some maps that I have found that I think would be good for the server, I think that they are a good size to hide in for the server. I checked out these maps for hiding spots and sizes and I think that they would be nice for the server. I have listed these maps below:

Maps -
Waterworld Remastered -
Supersize Room V2 -
Resort -

I’ve also noticed that after a round is completed, victims and the pedobear don’t get any reward for surviving. I like the twenty points per every minute system, but I think killing people as the bear/surviving as a victim should get a small reward of points at the end.
1st Apr 2018, 11:38pm
Hello and thank you for your ideas and suggestions !

Your ideas are valuable and interesting, I would like to add several things what you have announced in your suggestions, but Lord of Cookies says it is necessary to wait for the pointshop 2 before adding new things but I promise you that we will take in tale this !
4th Apr 2018, 4:06pm
Thank you for the response on some of my ideas, I'm excited to see what the new pointshop will offer once its out!