RULES: Team Members (VIPTrusted/Moderators/Admins)
20th Feb 2016, 2:40pm
Skillzworld Core
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2016-02-20 14:40:30
Team Members

1. Do not use your powers for advantages.
(Such as prop jumping (Forbidden) or Super Jump to places unreachable by new players)
(If the PBear is someone else with Super Jump this will be an exception)

2. Do not whip/slap/slay/gag/mute/warn/kick/ignite players/team members with your powers for no reason.
(If players are being abusive then you may use a selected power upon them)
(Team members do not need to whip/slap/slay/gag/mute/warn/kick/ignite each other)
(If another team member is being abusive then please tell us)

3. Do not teleport yourself or others for no reason.
(Unless people are stuck and they need help to be moved)
(If the PBear/Player is blocked or has fallen into a glitch then teleport them back)

4. Make sure you warn people before you mute/gag/kick them.
(Give them a warning in the chat first and then use "!Warn" if they do not listen.)
(If they have been a constant pain and already have warnings then use a selected power to stop them if they are doing it again straight away)
(Make sure you warn them again though)

5. Please do not argue with ANYONE in the chat box or on the microphone unless they are breaking rules.
(Control yourself and reply responsibly, tell them they will be gagged/muted/kicked if they continue)
(If you are arguing with another team member, talk to them in steam or talk to us about it if you feel worried)

6. Please do not feed trolls
(If you keep feeding the trolls then they will continue to troll, if you ignore them they will just stop)
(If they are being abusive to other players or team members then warn them if that fails then mute/gag/kick/ban them depending on what they do if they carry on)

7. Please do not just give players shop points that have not been generated.
(If a player asks for points for the shop simply tell them to play longer or donate to earn more points)
(Or you can give them your own points that you have earned)

8. Remind people of all of the rules on the server and make sure they follow them
(There are player rules posted on a thread in another section of the forums)

If you think another team member is breaking these rules or not following them. Then please tell someone who can help.