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Roleplay Server - Upcoming Content

VancoldGH, 3rd Aug 2015, 7:18pm
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Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
2nd Sep 2016, 8:44pmSep 02 2016
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LOG 2016 - August - 2rd:

Upcoming stuff:

* Working on a hitman feature
Create hits: State name and amount
Accept mission: (assassins only), take out your objective and earn the bounty

* Creating a better car-mod
Spawning car, mounting, unmounting ect

* Base-Models can be stored (skins; once you equip a skin it will be put on when you spawn)
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
2nd Sep 2015, 3:33pmSep 02 2015
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Hey guys.

I implemented Simon Says by now.
Go check it out. It's full functional. IF you find a bug please tell me
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
31st Aug 2015, 9:30amAug 31 2015
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Things that are completed by now:

Updated Job-menu
1 Casino game implemented

Second Casino game.
Maybe a Jackblack NPC ;)

Assassination plugin will be up in september (mid to late september)
Skillzworld Legend
Skillzworld Legend
3rd Aug 2015, 7:18pmAug 03 2015
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Hey guys!

This topic contains informations about content that will get added into the game.
There are things that have a timelimit, that means you can expect those things to get into the server by the time i specified.
Some of those things don't have a date, because i am unsure when i will finish that plugin, content ect.

Roleplay Server - Upcoming Content List:

// Became obsolete. People should RP to set bounties on ppl ect. Just sms or call them ingame ;)
*** Assassination-menu: *** - August / September
A simple menu that allows players to set bounties on other players.
These bounties can be claimed by assassin. They have to kill the desired target.
The interface will have 3 menu-points:
1. Set bounty
2. Take job
3. Infos

Those menu-points are selfexplaing tho.

*** Casino games for brighton beach: *** - End of August
I do have 2 ideas for casino games.
These games are menu-based (again)

First game would be double or nothing. High risk - normal payoff
// This game is called Coin Toss now. Already implemented

// <- This has become Simon Says
Second game would be a card game.
The player will be given a card and the machine will ask him about the next card on the deck.
He has to decide wether the next card will be lower or higher.
For every successful guess he will get more money.
The player can quit whenever he wants (the first round isn't quitable)

*** Simon Says ***
Implemented the game Simon Says.

*** Updated Promotion-System *** - Somewhere in between 10th or 15th of august
I will update the system. Details don't matter tho, it should work!

Added a new menu-point to give out job-rights.
They can be taken or given by the owner.
If a player leaves the org (in which he has jobrights) he automatically loses those

// Isn't going to be implemented soon, since it's not needed
*** Day-Night Cycle *** - I guess next week? maybe the next next week?
We will have a Day-Night cycle.
It won't affect the game, but it will look cool

*** Car-Mod *** - I will be tackling this thing more in september, but i can't promise anything (engineering school)
This one will be the last one to add.
You will be able to purchase cars, drive them, honk, take others with you, ect.
It will be fun

That's the list so far.


Edited,2nd Sep 2016, 8:44pm